A new partnership involving four established companies in Christian publishing will offer authors a variety of services, ranging from editing to distribution.

The new company, 1Source, is a collaborative effort including Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild, Believers Press, Bethany Press, and Anchor Distributors. It has already signed novelists Brandilyn Collins and Bill Myers. Myers has sold more than 8 million books and Collins is writing her 28th book. Their new books will appear as part of 1Source’s Jerry B. Jenkins Select Line in spring 2014.

The suite of services allows authors to identify what they need for their book, building on the strengths of the collaborating company. Jenkins’ Christian Writers Guild has worked with writers for more than 40 years; Jenkins himself has authored more than 180 books and sold 70 million copies.

1Source estimates 120 titles will be published through Christian Writers Guild Publishers and Believers Press by spring 2015. Books are usually published within 90 days and available in e-book, audiobook, trade paper, and hardcover.