A new biography of Jesus Christ is the first in a new series of comics from Bluewater Productions that will focus on the lives of religious icons from a variety of faiths. Bluewater, already well known for its line of biography comics on modern celebrities and political figures, released The Faith Series: Jesus Christ by Don Smith, with a cover by Mike S. Miller, in December.

“I was thinking, ‘What other biographies can we do,’ and I thought that religion would be such a great topic,” said Darren Davis, Publisher at Bluewater. “We don’t want to prophesy or bash. We want to tell even-keeled stories about the different religions.”

The next title in the series, due out this summer, is the story of King David, but Davis has plans for books that cover more than only figures from Christianity.

“We want to do the history of Mormonism, we want to do books on Judaism, we’ve even signed a deal with Jewish television to possibly do something with them. It really is kind of endless where we want to go with it.”

The Faith Series can be ordered in comic book shops or purchased digitally through Comixology, Kindle, Nook, and iTunes.