Logos Bible Software announced September 15 it has changed its name to Faithlife Corporation, in order to “reflect the company’s full line of products and services,” said Bob Pritchett, president and CEO, in a statement. “Logos Bible Software is still our flagship product, and we’re not changing its name,” Pritchett stated, but the company also has Vyrso, a Christian e-book store and e-reader app; Proclaim Church Presentation Software; the Faithlife Study Bible; Noet, a suite of research tools for classical studies; and Lexham Press, a publisher of digital-first biblical content. The rebranding brings a new website and logo.

Kregel author Craig DeMartino (After the Fall: A Climber's True Story of Facing Death and Finding Life, 2013) will host a new program on the Outdoor Channel. Fight to Survive premieres Saturday, October 4, and tells true stories of adventurers like DeMartino himself, who fell more than100 feet while climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park. His book, After the Fall, recounts his recovery from injuries that included the loss of part of his right leg, as well as how his Christian faith was strengthened by the ordeal. DeMartino is back to climbing and other outdoor adventures; hosting Fight to Survive gives him the chance to tell the stories of others who came back from the brink.

Chalice Press, an imprint of the Christian Board of Publication of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), has forged a publishing partnership with the Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE), an organization that generates a variety of ministry and educational projects. According to a statement, “Chalice Press will publish print, digital, and multimedia resources. FTE will guide the selection of authors and projects offered under this new series.” The books will be authored by “scholars, staff, program participants, and others who have experienced FTE’s time-tested programing to share their unique, inspiring approaches to ministry with the world.” FTE president Stephen Lewis stated the partnership would "[provide] a platform for emerging Christian authors in FTE’s network to share innovative ideas about ministry and scholarship.” The first book in the FTE-Chalice Press partnership is expected to release in late 2015 or early 2016.