Scandals, shake-ups, sticky scholars, and best books—here are the top ten religion stories of 2014 from

10. The Good, the Alien, the Secular
PW’s round-up of the best books in religion for Fall 2014.

9. Hybrid Publishing Is Hot at Christian Fiction Conference
Some Christian fiction publishers cut back in 2014, citing an oversaturated market. Meanwhile, more established authors turned to self-publishing for some of their books.

8. Beacon Hill Press Closing
The Nazarene denomination announced it was suspending publishing through its trade imprint--but then it wasn’t.

7. Minka Disbrow, Mother Who Never Gave Up, Dies at 102
A mother’s lifelong search for the child she was forced to give up had a happy ending.

6. Terry Eagleton: A Late-Life Return to Religion
A distinguished professor of literature circles back to faith and takes on religion’s critics.

5. PW Talks with Marcus Borg: Overturning Common Christianity
The iconoclastic biblical studies scholar continues to press for a progressive Christianity.

4. Publishers Lying Low During Driscoll Drama
Pastor Mark Driscoll gets covered in the L.A. Times for his use of ResultSource to manipulate sales numbers and land his book on the New York Times list; we ask his publishers to respond.

3. Self-Publisher WinePress Closes
A self-publishing house shutters amid complaints by authors, accusations of fraud, and financial woes.

2. Jerry Jenkins Shuts Christian Writers Guild
Author Jerry Jenkins (Left Behind) announced he was closing the Christian Writers Guild. In 2013, Jenkins launched a self-publishing company to publish CWG authors; it also was folded.

1. LifeWay Pulls Mark Driscoll’s Books from Shelves
After two years of growing controversy, the largest Christian retail chain stopped selling Mark Driscoll’s books; other outlets quickly followed.