Angels are becoming increasingly popular in religion and spiritual publishing with a slate of angel-centric fiction and nonfiction titles releasing in the coming months.

The celestial beings, believed by many to be sent from heaven to guide and protect us, have had a lasting impact on culture through film and television, as evidenced by what is considered to be the most popular film in American cinema, “It’s A Wonderful Life” (1946). Today, however, readers are seeking both assurance that angels exist and instruction on how to reach them.

In Do You Know Your Guardian Angel? Unlock the Secrets to a Magical Life (Ryland Peters & Small, Aug.), Jacky Newcomb writes that angels are around at all times and that we can actually connect with them. The book uses illustrations to help guide readers into a relationship with their celestial messenger, which Newcomb claims can lead to empowerment, enlightenment, and inspiration.

The editors of Guideposts have compiled a collection of over 80 stories in Best Angel Stories (Conari Press, Sept.) that propose we are watched over, cared for, and loved by angels.

Coming in October from Bear & Company, Lessons From the 12 Archangels: Divine Intervention in Daily Life by Belinda J. Womack features instructions on how to open your life to the wisdom and love of angels. The book also contains guided visualizations on working with angels to access the healing power of the chakras.

Angels: The Definitive Guide to Angels From Around the World by Marie-Ange Faugerolas (Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, Nov.) contains information about “divine messengers” of every tradition. Faugerolas, who wrote The Bible of Angels (World of Angels, 2012), also directs readers to solicit help from angels through rituals, prayers, and meditations.

In February 2016, Howard will publish Proof of Angels by Ptolemy Tompkins, the co-writer of the blockbuster bestseller Proof of Heaven (Simon & Schuster, 2012). In the new book, Tompkins makes a case that angels are real, are all around us, and are interacting in our lives every day.

In the novel Brush of Wings (Howard, Apr.), Karen Kingsbury tells a story about divine intervention, second chances, and a group of friends whose lives could affect the future of the country. Brush of Wings marks the third installment to the bestselling Angels Walking series, which has sold a combined total of nearly 130k copies, according to Nielsen BookScan.