Author Max Lucado has been thinking lately about the idea of “inheritance," a concept that takes up much of the message in the biblical book of Joshua, which tells of the exodus and the Israelites’ entry into the Promised Land. The same message inspired Lucadoʼs newest book, Glory Days: Living Your Promised Land Life Now (Thomas Nelson, Sept.).

“One of the untaught mysteries of the Christian faith is that we are co-heirs with Christ. When we understand this, it delivers us from being stuck; weʼll run into trouble, but we wonʼt be there forever,” says Lucado, teaching pastor at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas.

In Glory Days, Lucado takes a close look at the 31 battles and 30 victories over seven years when the Israelites took over the land of Canaan, as recorded in the book of Joshua.

“I asked myself how Joshua could have seven years of victory and what we can learn from those Israelites to help us enter into a season of growth,” says Lucado. As he was preaching through the book of Joshua with his congregation, he also came across Reveal Researchʼs statistic that 88 percent, nearly 9 out of 10, Christians find their lives unfulfilling.

“I was disheartened, thinking that 9 out of 10 people in my church were unfulfilled,” he says. “But what if that 88 percent lived out their inheritance in Christ, like Joshua did in the land of Canaan? Churches would be unified, marriages saved, and addictions overcome.”

Glory Days puts Lucadoʼs nonfiction book total at close to 40, not counting his fiction and children’s books. His role as teaching pastor means fewer meetings and more time working at home. He and his wife are empty-nesters, and are excited about their first grandchild born earlier this year.

“In my spare time I play golf. Iʼm a golf-aholic and play once a week,” says Lucado. “And I intend to keep writing.”

He will release a Christmas-themed title in 2016, and plans a book on anxiety in 2017 and one on the “one another” verses in the Bible in 2018.

“I love working at home. Itʼs quiet and I have all my book here. And Andy the dog is my helper,” he says.