Three Somali sisters have founded a publishing house that focuses on Muslim-interest books, a Mormon author says “we just can’t shame women,” and a controversial romance book are among news stories that are garnering interest online this week.

Ilhan Ibrahim, who co-founded Qurtuba Publishing House with her two sisters Hodan Ibrahim and Ayan Ibrahim, gave an interview on My 252 about the new publishing house, which is focusing on Muslim-interest books.

At the Huffington Post, author of Happiness at Work Sharon Salzberg discussed karma, pointing out that is it not about the other person but about ourselves.

Kate Breslin’s romance For Such A Time, based on a Jewish woman falling in love with a Nazi soldier at a concentration camp, has sparked outrage in the romance writing community after it was nominated for two RITA Awards; Best First Book and Best Inspirational Romance.

Mormon author Jamie Zvirzdin addresses gender expectations in Mormonism in Fresh Courage Take, and she recently told the Religion News Service that “we just can’t shame women” for not following the wife-and-mother script.