Publishers around the U.S. are repackaging texts, rolling out new titles, and ramping up publicity for books related to Pope Francis in preparation for his historic visit to New York, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia from September 22nd to the 27th.

Along his trip, Pope Francis will visit the White House, Congress, and the United Nations. He will also participate in the World Meeting of the Families 2015 where he is expected to talk about marriage and family as well as the environment. As a result, several U.S. publishers are lining up relevant titles for release from August through October. PW has compiled a list of the offerings coming from an array of publishers, along with information about each.

Our Sunday Visitor

How to Defend the Faith Without Raising Your Voice: Civil Responses to Catholic Hot-Button Issues by Austen Ivereigh and Kathryn Lopez ($13.95, Aug. 13, ISBN; 978-1-6127-8538-7) offers instruction on putting the Catholic Church’s case in every day conversation. The revised and updated edition features an introduction that teaches “Ten Principles of Civil Communication” and describes how Pope Francis is “the great reformer.”

Pope Francis and the Joy of Family Life: Daily Reflections by Pope Francis, edited by Kevin Cotter ($16.95, Sept.1; ISBN 978-1-6127-8929-3). Brief meditations from Pope Francis and questions for reflection encourage families to spend time together in prayer.

God Is Always Near: Conversations With Pope Francis by Pope Francis ($17.95, Sept. 15; ISBN 978-1-6127-8914-9) features interviews with the Pontiff that reveal his thoughts about the needs of the church, the poor, the world at large, and of himself.

Ignatius Press

The Man Who Founded California: The Life of Saint Junipero by M. N. L. Couve de Murville ($17.95, 978-1-6216-4057-8) was re-issued in a paperback version on Aug. 20. The book tells of the life of Junipero Serra, the Franciscan mission who Pope Francis will canonize during his visit to the U.S.

God Or Nothing: A Conversation in Faith by Cardinal Robert Sarah and Nicholas Diat ($17.25, Sept. 15; ISBN 978-1-6216-4050-9) gives witness to one of the most prominent and outspoken Catholic Cardinal’s Christian faith and comments on many current controversial issues. Pope Francis named Robert Cardinal Sarah Prefect of the Congregation for the Divine Worship and Disciple of the Sacraments last year.

Eleven Cardinals Speak On Marriage and Family ($17.95 Sept. 25; ISBN 978-1-62164-087-5). In preparation for both the World Meeting of the Families and for a Synod of Bishops at the Vatican in October, 11 Cardinals penned essays on the problems surrounding marriage and families.

Ave Marie Press

When Saint Francis Saved the Church by Jon M. Sweeney ($15.95, Sept. 4; ISBN 978-1594716461) follows the popular saint who inspired Pope Francis’s papal name.

Our Lady, Undoer of Knots: A Living Novena by Marge Fenelon ($14.95, Sept. 15, ISBN 978-1-5947-1630-0) is a guided meditation based on a favorite novena of Pope Francis.

Bringing Lent Home with Pope Francis by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle ($3.50, Oct. 2; ISBN 978-1-5947-1617-1). This booklet contains prayers and activities for families.

Liturgical Press

This Economy Kills: Pope Francis on Capitalism and Social Justice by Andrea Tornielli and Giacomo Galeazzi ($19.95, Aug. 24; ISBN 978-0-8146-4725-7) features two journalists’ exploration of Pope Francis’s teaching on the topics of capitalism and social justice—convictions which have been labeled by critics as Marxist.

Luis Antonio Tagle: Leading by Listening by Cindy Wooden ($12.95, Aug. 31, ISBN 978-0-8146-3717-3) offers a look at Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, known by many as “the Asian Pope Francis” for his humility, his connectedness to the lives of everyday Catholics, and his insistence on the church’s duty to care for the poor.

Orbis Books

Morning Homilies II by Pope Francis ($18, Oct. 1; ISBN 978-1-6269-8147-8) is an account of Pope Francis’s morning homilies in the Chapel of St. Martha’s Guesthouse, from September 2013 to January 2014.

Crossroad Publishing Company

The Heart of Pope Francis: How a New Culture of Encounter is Changing the Church and the World by Diego Fares, S.J. ($14.95, Sept. 15; ISBN 978-0-8245-2074-8) is a small book by a friend and former Jesuit who has worked for many years with Jorge Bergoglio, known today as Pope Francis. Fares offers insight into the heart of Pope Francis, his interest in people, and passion for understanding the lives of others.

Open Mind, Faithful Heart: Reflections on Following Jesus by Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio), edited by Gustavo Larrázabal ($19.95, Sept. 15; ISBN 978-0-8245-2085-4). In the Pope’s own words, the challenging meditations and scriptures provide insight on how he understands Jesus Christ and the Christian calling.

Twenty-Third Publications

On Care for the Common Home: Group Reading Guide to Laudato Si by Bill Huebsch ($3.50, Aug. 3; ISBN 978-1-6278-5122-0) features a guide to Pope Francis’s second encyclical on our common home – the earth.

National Geographic

Pope Francis and the New Vatican ($40, Aug. 4; ISBN 978-1-4262-1582-7) by National Geographic photographer Dave Yoder and journalist Robert Draper is a rare, behind-the-scenes look at Pope Francis. The reported first print run was 100,000 copies.

In addition to a torrent of new books releasing from August to October, dozens of publishers such as Ave Marie Press, Liturgical Press, Loyola Press, and many more are attending the World Meeting of the Families 2015 in order to exhibit their titles. The exhibition will take place inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center where representatives of each publishing house will welcome visitors and read titles aloud, according to executive director at the Association of Catholic Publishers Therese Brown. The event, for which the organizers are expecting over 15,000 visitors, will also serve as a meeting between publishers and the Vatican. “The Vatican is interested in building relationships with publishers, collaboratively, in the style that Pope Francis has suggested,” she told PW.