A final Jackie Collins interview, Pope Francis’s words on climate change, and 13 courageous female mystics who shaped Christianity are some of the hottest topics in spirituality and religion news.

With the historic Papal visit to the U.S. underway, Pope Francis addressed the nation from the South lawn of the White House Wednesday morning. The Holy Father touched on environmental issues, which inspired his second encyclical Laudato Si', before praising Obama’s action on climate change.

In honor of author Shelley Emling’s forthcoming book, Setting the World on Fire: The Brief, Astonishing Life of St. Catherine of Siene (St. Martin’s Press, April), the Huffington Post detailed the lives of 13 female mystics who left a lasting impression on Christianity.

Bestselling author Jackie Collins described herself as a "hovering Buddhist" who believed that death was peaceful during her last interview with the Huffington Post. The famed author died at age 77 over the weekend.