From Family Christian Stores’ journey through bankruptcy to Ben Carson’s apology for plagiarizing, here are PW’s top religion stories of 2015.

10. Lost in Translation: Author Reveals the Importance of Grammar in the Bible

Aviya Kushner had the startling realization that the Bible in English is almost always simpler and clearer than it is in Hebrew. After a decade of research, the author shared several new ways to understand the Bible in her book The Grammar of God.

9. Sale Motion Denied in Family Christian Bankruptcy Case

Family Christian Stores owner Richard Jackson was blocked from selling the troubled Christian retail chain to FCS Acquisition, a company he founded, during a U.S. Bankruptcy Court ruling in June.

8. Family Christian Stores Files for Bankruptcy

Citing the recession of 2008, the digital economy, and the rise of multichannel shopping, Family Christian Stores declared bankruptcy in February. The chain also announced a restructure that would involve selling its assets to a subsidiary formed by FCS owners.

7. Questions Raised at First Hearing for Family Christian Stores Bankruptcy

Owed $40 million by FCS, unsecured creditors including Christian publishers such as Moody, Baker, and Crossway were represented in the first bankruptcy hearing in mid-February. Awaiting details on the restructure of the chain, one publishing exec told PW he was “disappointed” and reported “a huge loss in this process.”

6. Counter Culture Christians: PW Talks to David Platt

Platt, author of Counter Culture, told PW that “Christian convictions are increasingly viewed as outdated or even offensive.” Nevertheless, the Alabama pastor urged Christians to stand up for their beliefs, no matter the cost.

5. Crown’s Image Books Halts Acquisitions

The Catholic-interest imprint of Crown’s Christian Publishing Group discontinued as a frontlist imprint in March, relying solely on its backlist titles that include books by authors such as Henri Nouwen, Ronald Rolheiser, and Scott Hahn.

4. The Red-Hot Adult Coloring Book Trend Reaches Religion and Spirituality

As coloring books continue to fly off the shelves, religion and spiritual publishing houses now have a stake in the profits. Known for their meditative qualities, coloring books in the religion market offer opportunities to study Scripture and pray.

3. Family Christian Bankruptcy Felt By Authors, Agents

By late March, the bankruptcy drama at FCS took its toll on those in the Christian publishing industry. Where houses tried to forestall their own financial strain, authors went without royalty checks, and even agents paid a price.

2. Tyndale Pulls Boy Who Came Back From Heaven

Father and son Alex and Kevin Malarkey had a bestseller in 2010 with The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven, but after Alex admitting to lying about his near-death experience five years later, Tyndale House pulled the book and all ancillary products out of print.

1. Ben Carson Apologizes for Plagiarism

Accused of plagiarizing sections of his book America the Beautiful, Carson as well as his publisher, Zondervan, issued statements that confirmed the allegations in January. Further, the Republican presidential candidate issued an apology for his “missed” attempt to credit sources in the book.