Today’s religion and spirituality news roundup includes an interview with Nicholas Sparks about faith, a guide to giving up books for Lent, and more.

Following the latest film adaptation of one of his books, Nicholas Sparks reflected on his lifetime of faith and how it has impacted his career. The author of The Choice, which opened in theaters earlier this month, admitted that his faith has gone through several seasons. “I think God is okay with that because what I think God wants is for us to choose to love him and love our neighbors,” he said.

With the Lenten season upon us, many Christians give up indulgences or vices. Over at the Christian Science Monitor, check out one author’s novel idea of giving up new books for Lent.

David Dark is addressing the growing number of people who identify as “spiritual but not religious” with his book Life’s Too Short to Pretend You’re Not Religious. In an interview with Christianity Today, Dark said that people need religion “for looking hard and honestly at our own lives, for really leveling with ourselves and for abandoning our dysfunctional ideas for better ones, truer, livelier, more sustainable ways of negotiating our existence.”