Daniel Aitken has been promoted to publisher of Wisdom Publications. Aitken, who first joined the company as sales and marketing director in June 2014, was promoted to associate publisher in 2015.

Before joining Wisdom, Aitken worked for over a decade in corporate and consumer marketing executive roles at companies such as Canon and Westpack Bank. He also has a doctoral degree in Buddhist philosophy.

At Wisdom, Aitken has overseen the creation of several new operations and products, including the Wisdom Podcast; Wisdom Academy, an online learning community; and the new Wisdom Journal, a magazine/catalog that first published in June.

Wisdom president Timothy McNeill cited Aitken's background when announcing the promotion. “His combination of academic training in marketing, years of senior-level business management experience coupled with the highest level of scholarship in Buddhist philosophy makes for an unusually great asset," McNeill said in a statement.