From the ever-changing terrain of Christian fiction to a preview of religion books getting big-screen adaptations, here are PW’s top religion and spirituality stories of 2016.

10. IVP Says Employees Must Oppose Gay Marriage or Resign
The college campus ministry InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, including its publishing arm InterVarsity Press, asked staff members to agree with its opposition to gay marriage or face “involuntary termination.”

9. Tyndale Expands its Children’s and YA Publishing Program
Tyndale House Publishers detailed plans to increase its children’s and YA releases from roughly 10 a year to between 20-25 via a series of acquisitions and several changes to its staff.

8. The Science Behind Prayer and the Illusion of God’s Presence
In The Illusion of God’s Presence, neuroscientist John C. Wathey looks at spiritual longing and the belief in God from a scientific standpoint, arguing that religion evolved to foster the mother-child bond.

7. Teenager’s Gay Conversion Therapy Ordeal Told in New Memoir
At 15, Alex Cooper came out as gay to her Mormon parents, resulting in eight months of captivity and abuse while in “gay conversion therapy.” Now 22, Cooper discussed her experiences as detailed in Saving Alex.

6. Decline of Distributors to Christian Stores Reflects Market Trends
The number of book distributors dedicated to the Christian market is at an all-time low due to the same market forces affecting the stores they serve.

5. Kingstone Comics Presents the Bible in Novel Form
The complete text of the Bible gets its first-ever graphic novel makeover in the form of a 2,400 page, three-volume, full color hardcover comics book from Kingstone Comics. “It’s an epic look for an epic book,” said Art Ayris, publisher for the company.

4. Industry Veterans Form New Christian Fiction Publishing House
Dan Balow, previously head of marketing for the Left Behind series for Tyndale, and Bill Giarratana of the American Bible Society and Biblica, launched Gilead Publishing, a Christian fiction house focused on mid-list authors.

3. Staying Real and Low to the Ground: PW Talks to Ann Voskamp
The bestselling author of One Thousand Gifts discussed suffering, meaning, and the search for “an abundant life” as well as her new book, The Broken Way, which is currently #7 on PW’s Religion Nonfiction bestsellers list.

2. The Business of Christian Fiction
Christian fiction publishers weigh in on pricing pressure, shifting tastes of readers, and other challenges the category presents.

1. Six Religion Books Headed to the Big Screen in 2016
Following the box office success of War Room and Heaven is For Real, Hollywood once again teamed up with religion publishers on book adaptations in 2016.