Mind-body-spirit publisher Inner Traditions, also known as Bear & Co., has acquired Findhorn Press, an independent publisher of mind-body-spirit (MBS) books based in Scotland.

With the purchase, Inner Traditions is launching two imprints: Findhorn and Earthdancer Books. The former will publish books on MBS topics, while the latter (an existing imprint at Findhorn) will focus more heavily on the occult, including subjects such as crystal healing, angels, and alternate dimensions.

According to Ehud Sperling, president of Inner Traditions, the acquisition happened, in part, because of Findhorn director Thierry Bogliolo's imminent retirement. “[Bogliolo] wanted the mission continued,” said Sperling. He added that Findhorn will help "grow our self-help section.”

Findhorn’s Sabine Weeke will stay on as editorial director, while Boglioli will step down on January 1. Inner Traditions will ship Findhorn Press backlist titles through its distributor Simon & Schuster starting in January. The new Findhorn list will debut in spring 2018.

Inner Traditions, which already houses seven imprints and publishes a little over 60 titles annually, plans on releasing 24 titles a year under the Findhorn and Earthdancer imprints. The first Findhorn book to be published with Inner Traditions, The Body Deva by Mary Mueller Shutan, is expected to release in March. Earthdancer Books will release The Power of the Infinity Symbol by Barbara Heider-Rauter during the same month. In total, Inner Traditions is expecting to publish 84-88 titles across all imprints in 2018.