January will see the release of a retelling of the Apostle Paul's adult life, a new novel by Chris Fabry, and more.


Jan. 2

The Divine Mind by Michael Gellert (Prometheus, $26, ISBN 978-1-6338-8317-8). Gellert, a Jungian psychoanalyst with a background in Judaism and Zen Buddhism, explores concepts about God throughout Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions and history.

Love Thy Body by Nancy Pearcey (Baker, $22.99, 978-0-8010-7572-8). A former agnostic, Pearcey looks at what she calls the “dehumanizing impact” of secularist views of the body, biology, and sexuality, making a case for how Christianity teaches a holistic view of each.

Where I End by Katherine Clark (Moody, $12.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-8024-1683-4). Clark, a wife and mother of two who became paralyzed during an accident at a playground, tells her story, including the theological truths that helped her endure the pain and suffering during her recovery.

Judgement Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein (North Star Way, $25.99, ISBN 978-1-5011-6896-3) features six steps that use spiritual principles as well as meditation and prayer in order to raise readers’ awareness of resentment and jealousy that can result from their judgments and perceptions.

Jan. 9

Stop the Press: How the Mormon Church Tried to Silence the Salt Lake Tribune by James W. Ure (Prometheus, $18 paper, 978-1-6338-8339-0). Ure, a Mormon journalist who once worked for the Tribune, draws on interviews and extensive research to depict the years-long conflict between the newspaper and the church, warning against the dangers of intermixing church and state.

Jan. 16

Advice Not Given by Mark Epstein (Penguin Press, $26, 978-0-3995-6432-1). Epstein, a psychiatrist and author (The Trauma of Being Alive), uses Buddhism and Western psychotherapy to address issues surrounding the ego and how to let it go.

Love Undocumented: Risking Trust in a Fearful World by Sarah Quezada (Herald, $15.99 paper, 978-1-5138-0307-4) examines the U.S. immigration system and Scripture’s call to welcome the stranger despite today’s closed doors and high fences.

Jan. 18

Paul: An Apostle’s Journey by Douglas Campbell (Eerdmans, $22 paper, 978-0-8028-7347-7) is a retelling of Apostle Paul’s life, from his conversion on the road in Damascus to his arrest and eventual execution by the Romans.

Jan. 23

The Dream of You by Jo Saxton (WaterBrook, $15.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-7352-8982-6). Leadership speaker Saxton explores biblical figures as well as her life’s story to help readers get in touch with their true selves as opposed to an identity built on lies, guilt, and brokenness.

Unmedicated by Madisyn Taylor (Atria, $22, 978-1-5827-0657-3). The cofounder of the holistic lifestyle website DailyOM presents a step-by-step guide to moving from a reliance on medications to healing yourself through what the author calls "four pillars of natural wellness."


Jan. 2

Coldwater by Samuel Parker (Revell, $14.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-8007-2734-5). Michael, an ex-con, moves back to his hometown and must face not only his old enemies but a powerful, destructive force inside himself.

Jan. 3

Amish Sweethearts by Amy Clipston (Zondervan, $15.99 paper, 978-0-7180-9115-6) features four novellas centered on the ups and downs of romance in Lancaster County.

Jan. 9

Under a Cloudless Sky by Christ Fabry (Tyndale, $15.99 paper, 978-1-4143-8778-9) follows residents of a coal-mining town who must fight to protect themselves and their homes from profit-seekers.