From Zondervan’s settlement on a plagiarism case to the #MeToo era’s impact on Christian writing conferences, here are PW’s top religion and spirituality stories of 2018.

10. Ted Dekker’s New Series Questions Reality — Again

Dekker, who has sold more than 10 million books, discusses his new two-book series, Beyond the Circle, which explores the darkest parts of life.

9. What Makes a True Atheist? PW Talks to John Gray

The British philosopher best known for his book Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals contends that many strands of atheism today replace traditional religion with a worship of the human being in his latest work, Seven Types of Atheism.

8. Will Millennials Return to Religion?

Millennials are abandoning organized religion, and publishers are responding to this culture shift with books by believers, scholars, and young adults themselves on Millennials and faith – or the lack of it.

7. Ex-Evangelical Rachel Held Evans Still Cherishes Her Bible

Rachel Held Evans, who made a splash when she publicly turned away from evangelicalism, shares the fresh inspiration—and disturbing truths—she found as she once again plumbed her Bible in her new book, Inspired.

6. Why An Agnostic Philosopher Says We're All 'Religious'

From a childhood Catholic altar boy, to “cultural Buddhist,” then as an outspoken agnostic, philosophy professor at Columbia College in Chicago Stephen Asma makes a case for Why We Need Religion, the title of his new book.

5. Buddhist Author Apologizes for Misconduct, Publishers React

Author Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, a leading figure in Tibetan Buddhism, stepped back from his role as head of the global network of meditation centers, Shambhala International and offered an apology amid accusations of sexual misconduct.

4. Zondervan Settles Plagiarism Case

Author Carey Scott won an undisclosed settlement after suing Zondervan and author Christine Caine for copyright infringement.

3. Jack Deere Shares His 'Broken Life'

In his first book in 20 years, the bestselling author of Surprised by the Power of the Spirit reflects on the death of his son by overdose, his wife’s battle against alcohol addiction, and pastoring a dying church.

2. Subject of ‘Boy Who Came Back from Heaven’ is Suing Tyndale

Alex Malarkey, who was believed to have co-written the 2010 bestselling The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven with his father before he recanted the life after death story as an adult, filed a defamation suit against Tyndale House Publishers on April 9.

1. Sexual Harassment Uncovered at Christian Writing Conferences

Our report on incidents of sexual misconduct against women at Christian writer’s conferences is the top religion and spirituality story of 2018.