Feb. 1

Suffering is Never For Nothing by Elisabeth Elliot (B&H, $19.99, ISBN 978-1535914154) features never before published teachings from the wife of a slain Christian missionary Elisabeth Elliot, who detailed her experiences in the book Through the Gates of Splendor.

Devotedly: The Personal Letters and Love Story of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot by Valerie Shepard (B&H, $19.99, ISBN 978-1433651564). Shepard, who is the daughter of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot, collects love letters leading up to Jim's 1956 murder in Ecuador. The book is timed with the release of Suffering is Never for Nothing (listed above).

Feb. 5

I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening) by Sarah Stewart Holland (Thomas Nelson, $24.99, ISBN 978-1-4002-0841-8) features a conversation between two working mothers on opposite ends of the political spectrum who strive to set an example for how others can have calm political conversations.

The Fool and the Heretic by Todd Charles Wood and Darrel R. Falk (Zondervan, $16.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-3105-9543-4). Two scientists with opposing views about creation and evolution explore their stances and how they were able to form a relationship.

The Truth About Men by Devon Franklin (Howard Books, $26; ISBN 978-1-982101-27-5). Hollywood producer Franklin explores damaging beliefs and behaviors of men and how to change them. 75,000-copy announced initial printing.

Feb. 12

Outlandish by Derek Penwell (Chalice, $19.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-8272-3166-5) calls on Christians to follow Jesus’ radical lead and become more active in areas such as immigration policies, LGBTQ issues, and more.

Future Sacred: The Connected Creativity of Nature by Julie J. Morley (Park Street, $19.99 paper, 9781620557686). Rejecting the “survival of the fittest” theory, Morley argues for the importance of “achieving synergy with nature and with each other,” according to the publisher.

Feb. 19

Here, Now, With You: Six Movements of Compassion for Life and Leadership by Gregg Louis Taylor (Abingdon, $17.99 paper, 978-1-5018-6817-7) introduces ways to bring compassion to one’s daily life that can result in more meaningful connections.

How the Bible Actually Works: In Which I Explain How an Ancient, Ambiguous, and Diverse Book Leads Us to Wisdom Rather Than Answers—and Why That’s Great News by Peter Enns (HarperOne, $26.99, ISBN 978-0-0626-8674-9) argues that the Bible is an instrument for study and not a how-to manual with easy answers.

The Common Rule by Justin Earley (IVP, $18 paper, ISBN 978-0-8308-4560-6) examines how personal habits and routines, including the use of technology, can impact one’s beliefs, and what readers can do to “discover new hope and purpose,” according to the publisher.

Feb. 21

In the Closet of the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy by Frédéric Martel (Bloomsbury Continuum, $30, ISBN 978-1-4729-6614-8) features research on the Roman Catholic Church including issues surrounding the celibacy of priests, cases of sexual abuse, and more.

Feb. 26

Keep Showing Up by Karen Ehman (Zondervan, $17.99 paper; ISBN 978-0-310-34764-4) features advice for a healthy marriage that stems from an acceptance of differences.

Thrive in Retirement: Simple Secrets for Being Happy for the Rest of Your Life by Eric Thurman (WaterBrook, $15.99 paper, 978-0-7352-9182-9) lays out ways to maintain a quality life as the average life expectancy increases.


Feb. 1

The Forgiving Jar by Wanda E. Brunstetter (Shiloh Run, $15.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-6241-6748-5). After learning someone has been impersonating her, Sara Murray must learn to move forward and trust others again.

Feb. 5

Mending Fences by Suzanne Woods Fisher (Revell, $15.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-8007-2751-2) follows one man’s attempt at making amends for wrongdoing, both past and present.

The Seamstress by Allison Pittman (Tyndale, $14.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-4143-9046-8) features cameo characters from A Tale of Two Cities who take on different roles in the French Revolution.

Feb. 26

The Secrets of Paper and Ink by Lindsay Harrel (Thomas Nelson,$15.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-7180-7572-9). A bookstore in England brings three women together to reveal lessons on love.