Metaxas Brings Two to Zondervan

Mel Berger of William Morris Endeavor sold world rights to Zondervan acquisition editor Mick Silva to two books by radio host Eric Metaxas. Both are follow-ups to Metaxas’s Seven Men (2013). The first book in the deal, Seven More Men, is slated for publication in April 2020, and it will explore the lives of seven historically impactful men including Martin Luther, George Whitefield, and George Washington Carver. The second book, Seven More Women, is slated for publication in summer 2021, though additional information about the book is not yet available.

IVP Signs Three

Ethan McCarthy, associate editor at IVP, bought world rights from authors Justin Giboney, Michael Wear (Reclaiming Hope), and Chris Butler to a book tentatively titled Christianity & Politics: A Gospel-Centered Approach to Civic Engagement. The authors are behind AND Campaign, a coalition that works to activate Christians in the public square for a more civically and culturally involved church. The new book aims to help Christians be more critically engaged in the political process, particularly leading up to the 2020 election, according to the publisher. Christianity & Politics, which will include a group discussion guide, is slated for publication in July 2020, and IVP plans on promoting the book a BookExpo as well as through a national advertising and publicity campaign.

Brazos Redefines Biblical Womanhood

In a world rights deal brokered directly with the author, Katelyn Beaty at Brazos bought The Making of Biblical Womanhood by Beth Allison Barr, associate dean of graduate studies and associate professor of history at Baylor University. The book, which will be published in spring 2021, explores the apostle Paul’s teachings on women through ancient, medieval, and modern church history, demonstrating that “biblical womanhood is not fixed in nature or spiritual design but human power structures,” according to the publisher.