Batterson Re-Ups with Multnomah

Esther Fedorkevich of the Fedd Agency sold world rights to seven new books by Mark Batterson to Multnomah’s lead acquisition editor Andrew Stoddard. The first book in the deal, Win the Day, aims to help readers realize their greatest dreams through inspirational stories and principles from history, science, and athletics, according to the publisher. It’s slated for publication in January 2021, while the six remaining trade titles are to be determined.

Brazos Combats Loneliness

Katelyn Beaty at Brazos took world rights directly from the author, Susan Mettes, to The Loneliness Epidemic. Scheduled to release in fall 2021, the book uses Mette’s social-science research as well as an extensive Barna Group survey to examine why people in the West are experiencing greater feelings of loneliness and what churches and ministry leaders can do to help.

Fortress Takes Enneagram Teacher’s Debut

In a world rights deal brokered directly with the author, Fortress’s Lisa Kloskin bought Conscious Enneagram by Abi Robins. The book argues for how the enneagram, an ancient personality typing system with roots in Christianity and Islam, can radically change the way one thinks, feels, and moves through the world, according to the publisher. Conscious Enneagram is slated for publication in spring 2021.

David C. Cook Doubles Up

Blythe Daniel of the Blythe Daniel Agency, Inc. sold two books by Brittany Ann, founder of the Christian living website Michael Covington, David C. Cook's principal strategist of publishing acquisitions & alliance, took world rights. The first untitled book, which will release and February 2021, will address negative myths, mindsets, and habits that prevent readers from engaging with God's Word, and will shed light on the true nature of the Bible, according to the publisher. The second untitled book will follow in 2022.