Some of the biggest writers on women’s issues have new titles coming out between now and spring, including Jen Hatmaker, whose For the Love (2015) and Of Mess and Moxie (2017) have over a total of 550,000 copies in print, according to Nelson Books. A new title, Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire: The Guide to Being Glorious You, is due out from the publisher in April.

“Jen’s new book is releasing in what feels like a new world—both in terms of her following and what speaks to them,” says Jessica Wong, senior acquisitions editor at Nelson Books. “She’s writing from a place of confidence and is inviting women to join her on the journey they’ve been watching her walk the past few years, boldly stepping into the fullness of who she was made to be—even if it doesn’t fit the mold.”

Bestselling author and Bible teacher Beth Moore is examining the meaning that can come from embracing God in Chasing Vines: Finding Your Way to an Immensely Fruitful Life, coming from Tyndale in February. Moore addresses feelings of inadequacy, pain, and discontentment, writing, “That wild and precious life of yours matters—to God and to the world. Not a drop of it is wasted... God wants you to flourish in Him.”

With an initial print run of 120,000, Tyndale executive publisher Jan Long Harris says Chasing Vines brings a much-needed new conversation surrounding faith and the church. “We are honored to bring this message of hope and encouragement to those who have chosen to believe, yet who are being attacked with questions and doubt,” she says.

Jennie Allen, a Bible teacher and the founder of IF:Gathering—a conference that draws thousands of Christian women annually—is following up on 2017’s Nothing to Prove with Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts (WaterBrook, Jan.). In the book, Allen encourages readers to interrupt negative thoughts and feelings by using “their God-given gift to think differently.” Incorporating biblical truths and recent findings in neuroscience, the book presents ways to change thinking patterns and find peace.

Author of Out of Sorts (2015) and cofounder of the Evolving Faith Conference for progressive Christians, Sarah Bessey recounts a car crash that changed her life inMiracles and Other Reasonable Things: A Story of Unlearning and Relearning God (S&S, out now). The book explores Bessey’s difficult recovery and the impact the trauma had on her relationship with God. Sarah Pelz, executive editor at Atria Books, says Miraclesoffers “a refuge and source of inspiration for religious and spiritual seekers, as a means to both deepen their faith and, sometimes, question it.”

In January, Harvest House will publish Life Coaching for Successful Women: Powerful Questions, Practical Answers by Valorie Burton, a certified life coach and the author of several books. Focusing on five key areas of life—professional, financial, relational, physical, and spiritual—Burton poses questions and provides steps readers can take to create change and foster growth.

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