Suzanne Stabile Re-Ups with IVP

Suzanne Stabile, co-author with Ian Morgan Cron of the bestselling Road Back to You (IVP, 2016), is returning to the publisher with a new book. Agent Sheryl Fullerton sold world rights to IVP’s associate publisher Cindy Bunch to Stabile’s The Dynamic Power of the Enneagram. The book, which will come with a study guide, explores how the Enneagram can help readers manage stress, find balance, and create lasting personal transformation, according to the publisher. It’s slated for publication in fall 2021.

Fortress Makes a Move

Lisa Kloskin at Fortress Press took world rights from Rachelle Gardner of Books & Such Literary Management to a new book by Stephanie Williams O’Brien. Make a Move, which is scheduled for publication in spring 2021, argues that life should be viewed as an experiment in order to ease difficult decision-making and gain meaning and direction.

Brazos Takes on a ‘Heavy Burden’

Katelyn Beaty took world rights directly from Bridget Eileen Rivera Cruz, a leading voice on LGBTQ issues and the church, to Heavy Burdens. Scheduled to release in fall 2021, the book chronicles the ways many Christian communities have discriminated against LGBTQ people and offers a plan for healthier, more loving Christian communities, according to the publisher.

Zondervan Finds 'Balance'

Nena Madonia Oshman of Dupree Miller sold world rights to Zondervan acquisition editor Mick Silva to Balance: Tipping the Scales, Leveraging Change, and Having It All by Touré Roberts (Purpose Awakening). On sale in October 2020, the book examines the challenges in a world of constant change, laying out ways readers can make personal adjustments in order to find confidence and optimism.