Red Wheel Weiser is launching Dharma Spring, an imprint that will focus on Buddhist teachings related to personal, social, and global transformation, according to the publisher. The books will cover a range of topics such as meditation techniques, how to process difficult emotions, and practicing lovingkindness.

Peter Turner will lead the imprint as associate publisher, with responsibilities that include acquisitions as well as guiding the imprint’s marketing strategy, which will have a special emphasis on general audiences as well as direct-to-consumer outreach. He was formerly publisher and CEO of Shambhala Publications, and joined RWW in 2017.

“People today are looking for practical advice from authentic sources to help work through the emotional challenges they face in their everyday lives,” Turner said in a statement. “Increasingly they want to do it in a way that is integral to their aspiration for genuine spiritual growth and will benefit others.”

Michael Kerber, president and CEO of RWW, said the new imprint is an effort to extend the publisher’s presence to new categories, bookstores, and audiences. Inaugural titles for the imprint include Opening to Grief: Finding Your Way from Loss to Peace by Claire Willis and Marnie Crawford Samuelson. The release date has been moved up to October because, Turner said, of its “urgently relevant” topic. Eight to 10 new Dharma Spring titles are planned for release each year.