Harper Horizon Eyes Mothers Day with Zen Mamas

Teresa Palmer and Sarah Wright Olsen, both actresses, bloggers and co-founders of parenting website Your Zen Mama, sold North American rights to Andrea Fleck-Nisbet, publisher of Harper Horizon, for a parenting resource guide, releasing in April for Mothers Day 2021. The two authors of Zen Mamas: Finding Your Path Through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond offer advice for finding peace throughout the pregnancy journey. It's the first book from Olsen, mother of two and star of TV shows including Mad Men, Parks and Recreation, and Palmer, who has four children and a list of films including Hacksaw Ridge. They will be sharing their personal joys and struggles. Abigail Walters of CAA brokered the deal.

Zondervan Signs a Voice for Diversity

Zondervan acquisitions editor Andy Rogers bought world rights to an untitled book by Steve Pemberton, chief human relations officer for Workhuman, a website promoting workplace inclusivity. A follow-up to Pemberton's rags-to-riches memoir (A Chance in the World), the new book, will offer a collection of real-life stories of people who transform society and culture. Threaded through the book, to release in September 2021, will be a theme of hope and ideas for healing the nation’s social and political divisions, according to the publisher. Leticia Gomez of Savvy Literary Services brought the deal.

Broadleaf Books Takes a Road Trip

Lisa Kloskin at Broadleaf Books has acquired world rights to John Noltner’s Lessons on the Road to Peace. The book, rooted in Noltner’s decade-long multimedia arts project, A Peace of My Mind, tells the story of his 40,000-mile road trip across the United States to rediscover the common humanity that connects us by asking people the simple question, “What does peace mean to you?” It is slated for publication in fall 2021. The author represented himself in the deal.