Inner Traditions, which specializes in the New Age niche, has added a tenth imprint, Sacred Planet, to expand its focus on spiritual traditions, esoteric knowledge, occult wisdom, and ancient philosophies. Richard Grossinger, founder and former publisher of North Atlantic Books, who also joins the publishing house’s editorial board, will curate its list.

Grossinger said that Sacred Planet Books "seeks inquiry into planetary healing, personal transformation, redemption, inclusion, affirmation, and spirit. It has several major publishing spheres but is open to the unknown." His background includes a doctorate in ecological anthropology, focusing on “cosmology, alchemy, energy work, and consciousness studies; while also emphasizing other urgent topics including climate, permaculture, biological transmutation, viral transmission, meta-politics, and modern astrology.” He has written a number of books on alternative medicine, cosmology, embryology, and consciousness.

Sacred Planet plans to publish 8-12 books next year, while its inaugural list, for 2020, is made up of two titles, both of which will be published this October. The Corona Transmissions: Alternatives for Engaging with Covid-19—from the Physical to the Metaphysical, is edited by Grossinger. It features 35 contributors who explore of "how the disease speaks directly and how it meticulously addresses our relationship to Gaia, to its animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms, to each other, and to the economies and dystopia we have created," according to the publisher, which will be donating all royalties to the Land Peace Foundation, which benefits First Nations tribes in Maine. Another title, The Alchemy of Stones by Robert Simmons, takes an illustrated, encyclopedic look at the spiritual and healing qualities of 375 minerals and crystals, interwoven with personal stories by the author on how working with stones can “open minds and awaken hearts.”

"Richard’s brilliance needed a place to reside,” Inner Traditions publisher Ehud Sperling told PW Monday, and the press “created the imprint for him to explore the cutting edges of our subject area.” Sperling added: “He’s one of the visionaries of 21st century publishing, driven to explore the outer reaches of our topics.”