Kate Johnson has been appointed senior v-p of direct to consumer business for HarperCollins Christian Publishing and HarperCollins Focus.

Johnson will start at HCCP December 21 and will be responsible for leading and expanding the company's strategy for the direct-to-consumer businesses, which HHCP said, includes e-commerce stores, online communities, native apps, and subscription-based platforms. She will be based in Nashville, and will work closely with HCCP and HCF's parent company HarperCollins Publishers "to form a strategy that aligns with that of the global corporation's."

HCCP and HCF's president and CEO Mark Schoenwald cited the importance of a direct connection with readers in a statement announcing Johnson's hiring. "This year we have learned that supporting our retail channels and distributors goes hand in hand with knowing our customers more intimately," he said. "We have seen a dramatic shift in consumer purchasing habits, and we are competing for their attention in a saturated online world. A broad-based, comprehensive distribution strategy is required to be an effective partner for all our stakeholders."

Prior to joining HCCP and HCF, Johnson worked across many industries in audience development, customer retention, social media and influencer marketing, media programming, and retailer distribution support. Her experience also includes leading sales, marketing, brand development, and operations teams.