Ecumenical publisher Paraclete Press has formed Raven, a new fiction imprint which will release its first books in spring 2022. Raven will publish science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction, among other subgenres.

The imprint will focus on Christian fiction titles that reflect “stories of day-to-day realism but also mind-bending science fiction, stimulating fantasy parables, and nearly dehumanizing horror—these stories startle and perturb us into fresh realizations of truth in a complex modern world,” according to the press. Paraclete’s publisher Jon Sweeney, who will oversee the imprint, said the publisher is starting Paraclete to meet the demand for more fiction : “I’ve been hearing from frustrated writers at literary conferences for years who are asking religious publishers to be more willing to work in trade fiction,” said Sweeney. “I’m delighted that we have now decided to throw our hat in.”

Paraclete initially planned to announce Raven in March 2020, but the pandemic put things on hold. The imprint will release two to three books per season and four to six books per year. Books have yet to be contracted, but the press is actively considering concepts and manuscripts. Four Paraclete editors will work with Sweeney to review manuscripts and manage authors.

Paraclete and Raven are seeking submissions and proposals by email at It will accept agented and unagented proposals.