New books from religion and spirituality publishers releasing in December include The Story of You by bestselling author on the Enneagram Ian Morgan Cron; Wood and Spoon blogger Kate Wood’s devotional; an exploration of the “soul work” behind home organization; and more.

Dec. 1

Reading the Book of Revelation by Alexander Stewart (Lexham, $22.99, 978-1-6835-9555-7) New Testament professor at Gateway Seminary in Ontario, Calif. presents five keys to understanding the Book of Revelation as well as explanations and illustrations of each chapter.

Dec. 7

Accidental Gods: On Men Unwittingly Turned Divine by Anna Della Subin (Metropolitan, $27.99, 978-1-2502-9687-0) charts the history of men who became worshipped as gods, including Christopher Columbus and Britain’s Prince Philip, in order to “illuminate the connection between power and religion and the role of divinity in a secular age,” according to the publisher.

Life in Jeneral: Create the Space for What Matters Most by Jen Robin (HarperOne, $24.99; ISBN 978-0-06-308150-5), founder and CEO of an organizational design company, explores the “soul work” of home organization, offering mental habits to help readers de-clutter their homes and minds, according to the publisher.

Raising Sons of Promise by Roland Warren (IVP, $18 paper, 978-1-5140-0289-6), president of Care Net, a Christian network of crisis pregnancy centers, draws on his work, personal experience, and the Bible to share insights and stories of how mothers can find healing and hope.

Unleashing Peace: Experiencing God's Shalom in Your Pursuit of Happiness by Jeremiah Johnston (Bethany, $18.99 paper, 978-0-7642-3082-0). New Testament scholar Johnston looks at ways the Bible can help individuals and families dealing with anxiety and worry.

Dec. 14

Be the Brave One: Living Your Spiritual Values Out Loud and Other Life Lessons by Ann Kansfield (Broadleaf, $24.99, 978-1-5064-6373-5) centers on the author’s experiences on 9/11 and a transformation from a "run-of-the-mill capitalist jerk" to a wife, mother, and pastor in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Her Daily Bread: Inspired Words and Recipes to Feast on All Year Long by Kate Wood (HarperOne, $27.99; ISBN 978-0-0630-7906-9). Wood, a blogger at Wood and Spoon and mother of three, pairs recipes with Scripture in this year-long devotional.

The Everlasting People by Matthew Milliner (IVP Academic, $20 paper, 978-1-5140-0032-8). Art historian Milliner looks at the life and work of Christian writer G. K. Chesterton to shed light on the complex, often tragic history of First Nations peoples, according to the publisher.

Dec. 21

Dogen by Steven Heine (Shambhala, $29.95 paper, 978-1-6118-0980-0) is an introduction to the life and work of one of Japan’s most prolific and influential Buddhist masters.

Dec. 28

The Story of You: An Enneagram Journey to Becoming Your True Self by Ian Morgan Cron (HarperOne, $26.99; ISBN 978-0-06-282581-0), follows up his bestselling The Road Back to You with an examination of how each of the nine personality types in the Enneagram can access more positivity and happiness.

Hajj to the Heart: Sufi Journeys Across the Indian Ocean by Scott Kugle (UNC, $32.95 paper, 978-1-4696-6531-3) depicts journeys taken by sixteenth-century reformist Muslim scholars and Sufi mystics from India to Arabia, with a focus on the influential Sufi scholar Ali Muttaqi, whose original translations of Arabic and Persian manuscripts, never before available in English, are featured in the book.