Herald Press is pulling Canadian pastor Bruxy Cavey's books after an investigation of sexual misconduct allegations against him. The Meeting House, one of Canada’s largest Anabaptist churches, asked Cavey to resign after completing the third-party investigation and determining that the pastor’s actions were sexual harassment and an abuse of power. After resigning, Cavey admitted to what he calls his “greatest failure” and “darkest sin.” He is the author of Reunion and The End of Religion.

In a statement, Herald’s publisher Amy Gingerich explained the decision. “We take our responsibility of resourcing the church seriously,” Gingerich said. “Like The Meeting House, we at MennoMedia also stand against sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and the abuse of power and authority. Given that The Meeting House asked Cavey to resign and removed all his teaching videos from their website and the Be In Christ denomination revoked his credentials for ministry, we at Herald Press cannot in good faith sell his books.”

Herald is not recalling copies of Cavey's books, and existing inventory of the titles may still be available through retailers. Herald will no longer be publishing, printing, or distributing the books, however, and it is declaring them out of print. While Herald is ending its publishing relationship with Cavey, the press says it is not reverting rights to the two titles back to the author at this time.