Tyndale Signs a ‘Disney Legend’

Sarah Atkinson, publisher at Tyndale, acquired world rights to Jodi Benson’s memoir Part of My World, which will be released in September through Tyndale Momentum. Benson, whose agent for the book is her husband Ray Benson, is the original voice of Ariel in the Disney film The Little Mermaid. She also gave voice to Barbie in Toy Story 2 and 3, and earned a Tony nomination as Polly Baker in Crazy for You. In 2011 she entered Disney’s hall of fame program as a “Disney Legend.” Part of My World describes Benson’s upbringing in the Midwest and her journey to Broadway and then Disney. The book includes “lessons about faith, friendship, love, loss, taking chances, making mistakes, following God’s call, and chasing your dreams,” according to the publisher.

Duo ‘Comes Back’ to Baker, Again

Rebekah Guzman, editorial director for Baker Books, acquired world rights from Blythe Daniel of The Blythe Daniel Agency to Jonathan Malm and Jason Young’s fourth book with Baker Books, Don’t Burnout, Burn Bright, to be released in summer 2023. Young, an executive coach and consultant, and Malm, a creative entrepreneur, also co-wrote The Come Back Effect, The Come Back Volunteer, and The Come Back Culture. According to the authors, the new book helps fine-tune a person’s leadership skills and organize his or her life in such a way as to become a high-capacity leader without the exhaustion and discouragement so many leaders feel.

Herald Signs ‘Required’ Reading

Jevon Bolden of Embolden Media Group sold world rights to acquisitions editor Laura Leonard at Herald Press to What Is Required by Melanie Springer Mock, Ph. D., also author of Worthy: Finding Yourself in a World Expecting Someone Else. Mock’s new book is an exploration of the challenges and beauties of raising young adults . The book is slated for publication in spring 2023.

Brazos Addresses Religious Trauma

Trinity McFadden with The Bindery sold world rights to Brazos editorial director Katelyn Beaty for Laura Anderson’s When Religion Hurts, scheduled for release in fall 2023. Anderson is a licensed marriage and family counselor who founded the Center for Trauma Resolution and Recovery, an online resource for those suffering from “adverse religious experiences, spiritual/religious/church abuse, purity culture, and faith deconstruction,” the website says. When Religion Hurts explains what religious trauma is, how it manifests in people's lives, and what healing looks like.

IVP Kids Finds ‘God Right Here’

Blythe Daniel of The Blythe Daniel Agency sold world rights to Elissa Schauer, managing editor for IVP, for God Right Here by the author of Everywhere Holy (Thomas Nelson, 2019) Kara Lawler. In her first children’s book, Lawler reminds children that God is all around, even during the fear that often accompanies change. IVP Kids will publish the book in late 2023 or early 2024, according to the publisher.

Broadleaf Signs a Creative’s Take on Motherhood

Valerie Weaver-Zercher, acquisitions editor at Broadleaf Books, bought world rights from Keely Boeving of WordServe Literary Agency to Catherine RickettsMothers and Makers. Ricketts, an essayist and songwriter based outside Philadelphia, explores motherhood and artistic practice through personal experiences with early parenthood and reflections on women artists across a variety of disciplines. The book is slated for publication in early 2024.