New books on séances, witchcraft, hauntings, and demonic possessions are publishing just in time for Halloween. Religion and spirituality houses offer spine-chilling stories of hauntings, demonic possession, and paranormal activity, as well as guides to practicing witchcraft and communicating with spirits. No tricks—just books for eerie entertainment and knowledge.

The Untamed Witch: Reclaim Your Instincts. Rewild Your Craft. Create Your Most Powerful Magick.

By Lidia Pradas (Fair Winds, out now)

Witchcraft isn’t formulaic and doesn’t have to be practiced the same way as everyone else, writes Pradas, a Wiccan witch behind the Instagram account Wiccan Tips. The book offers ways to personalize the practice of witchcraft according to one’s lifestyles and unique gifts.

The Book of Séances: A Guide to Divination and Speaking to Spirits

By Claire Goodchild (Voracious, out now)

Goodchild, an artist and witch, provides a comprehensive history of the séance and offers readers safe practices for connecting with the other side. The book also looks at the different tools essential to opening the bridge to the afterlife including tarot, dominoes, and charms.


The Witch’s Guide to the Paranormal: How to Investigate, Communicate, and Clear Spirits

By J. Allen Cross (Llewellyn, out now)

Witches have unique opportunities to interact with ghosts that most do not, Cross writes. The book identifies four types of hauntings—residual, poltergeist, human earthbound, inhuman entity—and describes over 40 exercises and rituals for bringing peace to restless spirits.


Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal

By Richard Gallagher, M.D. (HarperOne, out now)

Gallagher, a psychiatrist, chronicles cases involving demonic activity and exorcisms, including his own transformation from cynic to believer. Gallagher helps leaders of all faiths and others who are experiencing demonic possession and other paranormal activity, according to the publisher.

Gently Haunted: True Stories from the Haunted Antique Shop

Corrine Kenner (Llewellyn, out now

Kenner collects stories of spiritual encounters that took place at a Florida antique shop and the surrounding areas. Specters such as Haunted Charlie, the shop’s guardian, and the phantoms of James and Lucinda DeWalt, the first people to live in the building, aim to demonstrate life’s joys. The author also offers tips on how to reach out to friendly spirits from the past.

The Exorcism Files: True Stories of Demonic Possession

By Adam Blai (Sophia Institute, out now)

Blai draws on his Catholic background and beliefs in this collection of stories of demonic oppression and possession. The book also identifies key signs of diabolic oppression, how evil can manifest itself in physical objects or symptoms, why “engaging in ghost hunting is flirting with evil,” and more, including the best defenses against a supernatural enemy, according to the publisher.

A Haunted History of Invisible Women: True Stories of America’s Ghosts

By Leanna Renee Hieber and Andrea Janes (Kensington, out now)

Hieber and Janes examine some of history’s best- and least-known female ghosts, including Bridget Bishop, the first woman executed during the Salem witch trials, and Mrs. Spencer, who haunted Joan Rivers’ New York apartment.