Tyndale is focusing on more books that demonstrate Christian worldviews on a range of topics as well as books on apologetics—arguments and justifications for Christian beliefs—with the launch of a new imprint, Tyndale Elevate. Jon Farrar, nonfiction acquisitions director at Tyndale, is heading up the new imprint, and all Tyndale nonfiction editors will be able to acquire books for it. Six titles are expected to be published under the Tyndale Elevate imprint per year.

Sarah Atkinson, v-p and publisher of Tyndale, said in a statement that Tyndale Elevate will work to publish “thoughtful, discerning books that equip the church to have meaningful conversations.” Tyndale Elevate’s tagline, “ask. seek. find,” is intended to reflect Tyndale’s “dedication to elevating the conversation around what matters most and helping people explore the issues, assumptions, and worldviews behind pressing challenges to the Christian faith in the twenty-first century,” according to the publisher.

Tyndale Elevate’s inaugural title, How to Talk about Jesus without Looking Like an Idiot: A Panic-Free Guide to Having Natural Conversations about Your Faith by Andy Bannister, is slated for publication next August.

“Andy Bannister showcases Tyndale Elevate’s vision to publish authors who are speaking in new and fresh ways to this generation,” Farrar tells PW. “Andy mixes humor with the perennial question of how to talk about what matters most—the things that touch on eternity—with your closest friends and neighbors.”

Unbelievable? podcaster and radio show host Justin Brierley’s debut book, The Surprising Rebirth of Belief of God, is slated for publication in fall 2023. A book by Preston Perry, a debut author who has an apologetics channel on YouTube, will follow. Moving forward, Tyndale titles on Christian worldview topics and apologetics including those by authors such as Sean McDowell, Alister McGrath, and Mark Mittelberg will be published under the Tyndale Elevate imprint upon reprinting.