The PJ Library, which sends thousands of free children’s books centered on Jewish life to families in the U.S. and Canada each month, has partnered with the Jewish Braille Institute (JBI) on a braille edition of the Haggadah, just in time for Passover from April 5 to April 13 this year. In Every Generation: A PJ Library Family Haggadah is a guide to the Passover seder featuring traditional prayers and readings that has been shipped to more than 100,000 families over the past five years, and it comes with interactive videos and family-friendly explanations of the holiday. The new braille as well as a large-print edition of In Every Generation, which is in English, will be available in early March.

“The PJ Library Haggadah was designed to help families create fun, kid-friendly Passover seders,” says Alex Zablostky, managing director at PJ Library. “We are thrilled that JBI International is offering the PJ Library Haggadah in brand-new, accessible formats, so even more families can feel welcome at the Passover seder table.”

Families may also download the Haggadah from PJ Library, here. Those who do not subscribe to PJ Library can purchase the Haggadah from the PJ Library Amazon store.

Additional PJ Library books available in braille include The Peddler and the Baker by Yael Molchadsky, illustrated by Liora Grossman; Hanukkah at Monica’s by Varda Livney; Until the Blueberries Grow by Jennifer Kam, illustrated by Sally Walker; and Jeremy's Dreidel by Ellie Gellman and illustrator Judith Friedman. Each book has a braille transparency overlaying each text page.

“It will make possible the inclusion of visually impaired and print-disabled children in the PJ Library program and also provide a means for visually impaired parents and grandparents to read to their sighted children and grandchildren,” Livia Thompson, JBI’s president, said in a statement when PJ Library announced a partnership with the organization in December.

PJ Library has also partnered with the Novel Effect app on the family Haggadah, adding synchronized, interactive music and sound effects to the Passover story. The Haggadah will go live on the Novel Effect app next month. Other select PJ Library children’s books are already available through the Novel Effects app as well.

Leading up to Passover, PJ Library is adding resources to its Passover Hub that are intended to help families celebrate. These include a Passover-themed podcast for kids, printable books and recipes, games, and more that can be found here.