Bethany Title Looks at Manhood

David Sluka, acquisitions editor for Chosen Books has acquired world rights to the tentatively-titled The Making of a Man by Noah Herrin, co-founder of Way Church in Nashville, for sister company Baker Publishing Group's Bethany House imprint. Tom Dean of A Drop of Ink Literary brokered the deal. Herrin’s book, set for a fall 2025 publication, will be a series of essays to offer encouragement, biblical guidance, and practical tips to help young men on their journey to manhood.

Brazos Signs New Look at Polarized Christianity

Katelyn Beaty, editorial director for Brazos Press, has taken world rights to the tentatively titled The Big Church Sort by Ryan P. Burge, who is unagented. Burge, a pastor and author of numerous books including The Nones (2021), will show that American Christianity has lost the moderate middle, becoming as polarized as every other institution. Publication is set for Spring 2026.

Broadleaf Acquires Survey of “Nones”

Erik Hane of Headwater Literary Management has brokered a world rights with Andrew DeYoung, publishing director at Broadleaf Books, for Chris Stedman’s Nothing in Particular. Stedman (Faitheist, IRL) offers a definitive survey of the largest segment of America’s fastest-growing religious demographic: those who report their religious identity as “none” or “nothing in particular.” He draws on leading scholarship and his own research and experience to a look at causes of the disconnection with religion and ways to address those causes. The book is tentatively set for a 2027 release.

IVP Takes New Look at Ambition

IVP Acquisitions editor Nilwona Nowlin has acquired world rights to the tentatively titled The Unambitious Ambition by Ryan Tinetti (Preaching by Heart). Alex Field at Tthe Bindery Agency negotiated the deal. Set for a winter 2026 publication, Tinetti offers hope in what he calls “the unambitious ambition,” a way of doing "little labors with large love," and a vision for hope embodied in everyday life. Tinetti is a pastor, podcaster, and columnist.

Tyndale to Publish Cymbala Devotional

Jon Farrar, associate publisher for nonfiction at Tyndale Publishing has taken world rights for Jim Cymbala’s tentatively titled Grace and Peace for Each New Day. Tom Dean of A Drop of Ink Literary brokered the deal. The book is set for a fall 2025 publication. Cymbala, long-time pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle and a bestselling author (Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire; Fresh Faith; and Fresh Power., offers 100 devotions that explore "the promises of God and inspire readers’ trust in Christ daily."