This week, in honor to Ta-Nehishi Coats being tapped by Marvel to bring back the Black Panther comic series, we asked you what other traditional book authors you'd like to see do a comic. Our Twitter followers were full of great ideas:

@bedlamsbard thought sci-fi/fantasy writer Martha Wells (@marthawells1) would do a great job with a Star Wars comic.

@perspectives45 suggested Todd Moss (@toddjmoss), Center for Global Development CO and thriller-writer, should try his hand at The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

@FaterhthanShaun had a ton of ideas. Here are a few: "Kazuo Ishiguru on X-Men. Ian McEwan on Doom Patrol. Haruki Murakami on Catwoman. JK Rowling on Books of Magic."

Facebook follower Connie Hammock wants to see James Patterson try comics. Fortunately, he already has—check out the Maximum Ride series.

Thanks for all the great ideas! Check in again next week and follow along on Twitter with hashtag #pwasksyou.