Teenage Charlie’s Angels set in steampunk Victorian London *mic drop* I really shouldn’t have to say anything else about this book besides “Are you done reading it yet so we can gush about it?” I came across The Friday Society a few years ago and what caught my attention was the cover. It’s gorgeous and detailed and represents the book so well. Check out an image of the cover, my picture doesn’t do it justice. They say “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but it was hard not to expect this one to live up to its amazing cover. Thankfully, it did! Each girl feels like a real person and different from the others. The book plays out like their origin story and their meeting, and subsequent friendship, feels very organic as it’s woven into the mystery of the novel. The final climactic battle also has one of the coolest reveals I’ve ever read before (which I won’t spoil for obvious reasons). The setting and the side characters also flesh out the story in surprising ways.

I’d read a few things from Kress before and I enjoyed those too (Outcast broke my heart, but in a good way). The Friday Society is my favorite, though. It’s just plain o’ fashioned good fun. And it has three kick-butt heroines who all have their own special set of skills. Why isn’t there a sequel to this!? Or better yet, a TV series?!