This first-time exhibitor is an award-winning quarterly magazine focusing on art and culture, with a book-publishing program. Featured: current magazine issues; The Book of Stamps; Ilf and Petrov's American Road Trip, edited by Erika Wolf; Odd Lots: Revisiting Gordon Matta-Clark's Fake Estates by Jeffrey Kroessler et al.; Letters from Mayhem by Roger Andersson. Discounts: $2 on new subscriptions and current issue of Cabinet; $5 on each book. Booth: 4283.


This first-time sideline exhibitor is a carbon-neutral company striving to produce sustainable products. Featured: laser-engraved bamboo bookmarks; bamboo jewelry; sterling silver cloisonné pins, earrings and necklaces. Giveaways: bamboo bookmarks (limited quantities). Discounts: free displays (prepaid minimum order). Booth: 4186.


Celebrating its 425th anniversary. Featured:Empire of Machines by Stanley Reiser; Michelangelo by William Wallace; The Fall of the House of Credit by Alistair Milne; Disturbances of the Mind by Douwe Draaisma; Concise History of Ireland by Thomas Bartlett. Booth: 4146.


Featured:The Rhythm of Stillness by Sara Neef; Monsoon Children by David Jimínez; What Does Art Want? by Steen T. Kittl and Christian Saehrendt; Girl Friday by Annette C. Anton; Not a Book for Scaredy Cats by Irene Becker. Booth: 2405.


Featured from Candlewick Press:The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo, illus. by Yoko Tanaka; Another Faust by Daniel and Dina Nayeri; The Gingerbread Pirates by Kristin Kladstrup, illus. by Matt Tavares; Judy Moody & Stink: The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt by Megan McDonald, illus. by Peter H. Reynolds; Drake's Comprehensive Encyclopedic Compendium of Dragonology by Ernest Drake, edited by Dugald A. Steer. From Templar Books:Charles Darwin and the Beagle Adventure by A.J. Wood and Clint Twist; Day of the Assassins by Johnny O'Brien, illus. by Nick Hardcastle; Children's Stories from the Bible by Saviour Pirotta, illus. by Anne Yvonne Gilbert and Ian Andrew; City in Peril! Robot City Adventures and Rust Attack! Robot City Adventures, titles written/illus. by Paul Collicut. Giveaways:Swim the Fly by Don Calame (swim caps); Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo, written/illus. by E.S. Redmond (tissues); Let's Do Nothing!, written/illus. by Tony Fucile (buttons); Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo, illus. by Yoko Tanaka (chapbooks). Drawings: for complete Mercy Watson series by Kate DiCamillo, illus. by Chris Van Dusen; It's Not the Stork!, It's So Amazing! and It's Perfectly Normal, all by Robie H. Harris, illus. by Michael Emberley. Discounts: 50%, free freight (90-day net). Booth: 403.


This first-time exhibitor offers books and products to the quilting, paper craft and fiber art markets in the U.S. and internationally. Featured:Sew with Sara by Sara Trail; Cupcakes, edited by Lynn Koolish; Fabric Art Collage by Rebekah Meier; Fabulous Fabric Art with Lutradur by Lesley Riley; Start Quilting with Alex Anderson, 3rd Ed. by Alex Anderson. Giveaways:Sew with Sara (limited quantities). Booth: 4129.


CTBF is a joint venture of the Frankfurt Book Fair and Publishers Assn. of South Africa; provides information for exhibitors and trade visitors ( Featured: info about CTBF (June 13—16); catalogues. Booth: 2405.


Featured:Daydreams at Work by Amy Fries; Decorating ... The Professional Touch by Carol Donayre Bugg; Digitally Daunted by Sean Westcott and Jean Riescher Westcott; All Moms Work by Sharon Reed Abboud; Save the World and Still Be Home for Dinner by Will Marré. Discounts: 60%. Booth: 4679.


A full-service national book distributor that specializes in adult nonfiction categories. Featured:Anatomy of Hatha Yoga by H. David Coulter; Galloway's Marathon FAQ by Jeff Galloway; Nancy Clark's Food Guide for New Runners by Nancy Clark; Passing the Guard: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Details & Techniques, Vol. 1 (2nd Ed.) by Ed Beneville and Tim Cartmell; Rock the Test: The Newest SAT Solutions Manual to the College Board's Official Guide by Michael Hickey and Thom Brownsworth. Booth: 3708.


Featured from Career Press:Your Mind: An Owner's Manual for a Better Life by Harold Shinitzky, M.D. and Chris Cortman, M.D.; Leap! 101 Ways to Grow Your Business by Stephanie Chandler; The Body Language Handbook by Greg Hartley and Maryann Karinch; Emotional Fitness at Work by Barton Goldsmith; Your Nest Egg Game Plan by Phil Fragrasso and Craig L. Israelsen. From New Page Books:History Is Wrong! by Erich von Däniken; Cosmic Conversations by Stephan Martin; Ascension by Susan Shumsky. Discounts: 50%, free freight on 20 or more assorted titles. Booths: 2863—2867.


Featured from Carlton Books:A Christmas Carol by Martin Howard; Winter Olympic Treasures; NFL Treasures by Jim Buckley and Jim Gigliotti; 21st Century Design by Marcus Fairs; Wallace and Gromit by Penny Worms. From Andre Deutsch:Plant Hunters by Carolyn Fry. From Goodman:Andy Warhol by Geralyn Huxley and Matt Wrbican; Dali Treasures by Montse Aguer. Booth: 3616.


Featured:The Winged Tiger and the Lace Princess (Rev.) by Phil Yeh and Lieve Jerger; The Sunflower, Dinosaurs Across America, Dinosaurs Across New York and Dinosaurs Across California, titles by Phil Yeh; a collaborative in-booth mural project with cartoon-artist Phil Ortiz. Booth: 924.


Featured:The Other Side of Night by Daniel Allen Butler; Hidden Battles on Unseen Fronts by Celia Straus; Bismarck: A Minute-By-Minute Account of the Final Hours of Germany's Greatest Battles by Niklas Zetterling and Michael Tamelander; No Better Place to Die by Robert M. Murphy. Discounts: 50%. Booth: 3566.


Featured:Mad About Trade by Daniel Griswold; The Beautiful Tree by James Tooley; Climate of Extremes by Patrick Michaels and Robert C. Balling, Jr.; The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States (pocket companion). Booth: 4029.


Featured:The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel; The Yellow House by Patricia Falvey; The Nine Lessons by Kevin Alan Milne; The Killing Tree by Rachel Keener. Booth: 3759.


This first-time exhibitor publishes travel guidebooks. Featured: Tourist Town Guides series (various); Frankenmuth by Lynn Marie-Ittner Klammer; Ocean City by Kim Kash; Black Hills by Jay Kirschenmann; Mackinac by Donna Lively; Breckenridge by Lisa Marie Mercer. Booth: 3240.


Featured:Subway Ride by Heather Lynn Miller; The Little Red Elf by Barbara Barbieri McGrath; After Gandhi by Anne Sibley O'Brien; Poodle and Hound by Kathryn Lasky; The Day-Glo Brothers by Chris Barton. Drawings: for original art work by author/illustrator David McPhail (Sun., May 31). Discounts: extra 5%, free freight plus 90-day net on 25 or more books. Booth: 516.


Featured from Chicago Review Press:Financial Intimacy by Jacquette M. Timmons; Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction by John Austin; How to Rap by Paul Edwards; Middling Folk by Linda Matthews; Boom Town by Marjorie Rosen. From Lawrence Hill Books:The Year Before the Flood by Ned Sublette; The Politics of Cocaine by William L. Marcy; My Times in Black and White by Gerald M. Boyd; Sexism in America by Barbara J. Berg; Post Black by Ytasha L. Womack. Giveaways: books/ARCs at in-booth signings: The World That Made New Orleans (Fri., May 29), Financial Intimacy (Sat., May 30). Discounts: 50% on 25 or more backlist titles. Booth: 2723.


Featured: Pick and Choose Series; Roly Poly Series; Flip Up Fairy Tales Series; Flip Up Fairy Tales Series (w/CDs). Discounts: free freight. Booth: 411.


This first-time exhibitor publishes Web sites and books under its two imprints Broken Levee Books (New Orleans related) and Kami Books (new fiction writers from Japan). Featured from Broken Levee Books: Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?, edited by David Rutledge. From Kami Books:Oh! by Todd Shimoda; Art Space Tokyo by Ashley Rawlings and Craig Mod; Curing Japan's America Addiction by Minoru Morita; Good-bye Madame Butterfly by Sumie Kawakami. Booth: 4506.


Choice and Choice Reviews are publications of the Assn. of College and Research Libraries/ American Library Assn.; provides concise reviews for academic libraries. Booth: 2436.


Celebrating its Choose Your Own Adventure's 30th anniversary (Sat., May 30). Featured: Fabulous Terrible, The Adventures of You Series: Chloe and The Apocryphon, titles by Sophie Talbot; Choose Your Own Adventure Series: #30 (Chinese Dragons), #31 (Track Star) and Dragonlark, Always Picked Last, titles by R.A. Montgomery. Giveaways: Choose Your Own Adventure enamel pins. Drawings: for collapsible bicycle. Discounts: 50%, free freight on 25 backlist titles. Booth: 418.


Featured: select Caillou titles: My Book of Great Adventures; Potty Time (Hand-in-Hand Series); Ouside My House (My First Dictionary Series), 123 Train (Puzzle Book Series); Caillou Boxed Set (Backpack Series). Giveaways: magnets; posters; stickers. Discounts: 50% on 25 or more backlist. Booth: 2723.


Featured from adult trade division:I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas by Anna Getty; Top Chef Quickfire Dinners by Emily Miller, photos by Antonis Achilleos; Bird by Andrew Zuckerman; Country Cooking of Ireland by Colman Andrews, photos by Christopher Hirsheimer; All Cakes Considered by Melissa Gray, photos by Annabelle Breakey. From children's division:The Story of Little Red Riding Hood, illus. by Christopher Bing; Creature ABC by Andrew Zuckerman; Stereo Books: Dinosaurs, Vehicles, Wild Animals by Dennis Schatz; Ivy and Bean #6: Doomed to Dance by Annie Barrows, illus. by Sophie Blackall; What Brothers Do Best/What Sisters Do Best by Laura Numeroff, illus. by Lynn Munsinger. From gift division: Top Chef Quickfire Challenge Game by the creators of Top Chef; Pictorial Webster's Wall Cards by Johnny Carrera; Lotta's Printing Studio by Lotta Jansdotter; Magical Menagerie by Junzo Terada; Craft Inc. Business Planner by Meg Mateo Ilasco. Giveaways: tote bags: Seeing Things Differently; guidebooks: The Worst-Case Scenario Pocket Guide: New York City; buttons: Duck! Rabbit!; ARCs: Blue Plate Special (limited quantities). Discounts: extra 2% on 50 backlist units or more. Booths: 2641, 2741.


Featured from Cider Mill Press:The Sopranos Classic Quotes by David Chase; The Original Life Book by Sue Cassidy et al.; The Meatball Cookbook Bible by Ellen Brown; Tootsie Roll Origami Kit by Dan Nguyen; Pat the Bride by Kate Nelligan. From Applesauce Press:3-D Doodle Book & Kit and Cat's Cradle & Other Fantastic String Figures, titles by Elizabeth Encarnacion; In the Snow by Peggy Collins; Silly Putty Handbook. Booth: 3468.


Featured:Mr. Mendoza's Paintbrush by Luis Alberto Urrea, adapted by Christopher Cardinale; Last Night I Sang to the Monster by Benjamin Alire Sáenz; Incantations by Ambar Past with Xalik Guzman Bakbolom and Xpetra Ernandes; Pitch Black by Youme Landowne and Anthony Horton; Out of Their Minds by Luis Humberto Crosthwaite. Giveaways: “Honk if you've seen La Llorona” bumper stickers (first 100 visitors to booth). Discounts: see CBSD booth for details. Booth: 4504.


Featured:I.R.$. (Vol. 2)—Blue Ice by Stephen Desberg and Bernard Vrancken; The Bluecoats (Vol. 2)—The Navy Blues by Raoul Cauvin and Willy Lambil; Blake & Mortimer (Vol. 5)—The Strange Encounter by Jean Van Hamme and Ted Benoit; Lucky Luke (Vol. 15)—The Daltons in the Blizzard by René Goscinny, illus. by Morris; Largo Winch (Vol. 3)—Dutch Connection by Jean Van Hamme and Philippe Francq. Drawings: copies of new releases (daily). Booth: 645.


Manufactures corrugated and cardboard point-of-purchase displays for publishers; provides retail marketing services. Featured: black or red non-scuff, semi-gloss corrugated floor and counter displays for standard trim sizes (custom colors available). Giveaways: free CityStand cardboard counter display. Discounts: 15% (all stock display orders; unassembled display units only; no customization). Booths: 803, 3436.


Featured:The Peep Diaries by Hal Niedzviecki; Between Barack and a Hard Place by Tim Wise; Shoot an Iraqi by Wafaa Bilal with Kari Lydersen; Who's to Say What's Obscene? by Paul Krassner; Smash the Church, Smash the State!, edited by Tommi Avicolli Mecca. Giveaways: books (limited quantities) at in-booth signings: The Peep Diaries (Fri., May 29 at 2 p.m.), Shoot an Iraqi (Sat., May 30 at 2 p.m.). Discounts: see CBSD booth for details. Booth: 4515.


International freight forwarder specializing in customized air- and ocean- transportation services for publishers and import booksellers; consolidation and packing services; Web-based freight on-hand reporting; track and trace. Featured: company services. Booth: 2676.


This first-time exhibitor offers graphic-novel adaptations of literary classics for schools, libraries and recreational reading, using multiple language versions. Featured:Macbeth (full text); Macbeth (quick text); Great Expectations; Frankenstein; Romeo and Juliet (pre-pub preview). Booth: 4410.


Featured:Ricky and The Big Potty Book, titles by Guido van Genechten; Kevin Goes to School and Guess What I See, titles by Liesbet Slegers; I Am the King by Leo Timmers. Booth: 2723.


Featured:It's Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been by BJ Gallagher. Discounts: extra 3% (20-copy minimum; no short-discount). Booth: 4426.


Featured:The Whole Heart of Yoga and The Whole Heart of I Ching, titles by John Bright-Fey; The Art of War Illustrated by Sun Tzu; The Green Guide to Daily Living by Megan E. Roth; The Big Bad Book of Sports by Lyn Scarbrough and Ben Cook. Giveaways: in-booth refreshments. Booth: 3559.


Celebrating its 25th anniversary. Featured:The Cry of the Sloth by Sam Savage; Fugue State by Brian Evenson; The Hebrew Tutor of Bel Air by Allan Appel; German for Travelers by Norah Labiner; Ray of the Star by Laird Hunt. Giveaways: ARCs at in-booth signings: Fugue State, The Hebrew Tutor of Bel Air; anniversary letterpress broadsides. Discounts: see CBSD booth for details. Booth: 4516.


This first-time exhibitor offers nonfiction titles. Featured:Con-Mates by Pamela Cohen; Dialogues of the Body by Adriana “Nana” Schnake. Booth: 5073.


Featured from CUP:History of the Mafia by Salvatore Lupo; Building a Meal by Hervé This; Yoga, Karma, and Rebirth by Stephen Phillips; The New Yorker Theater and Other Scenes from a Life at the Movies by Toby Talbot; The Late Age of Print by Ted Striphas. From Columbia Business School Publishing:Can Business Save the World? by R. Glenn Hubbard and William Duggan. Giveaways:Best American Magazine Writing 2008; Inside New York 2008; The Almanac of New York City. Discounts: 47%, free freight on 15 or more backlist books. Booth: 3235.


Co-organizer of the fifth Annual BEA New Title Showcase; also organizes book, periodical and multimedia exhibits in the U.S. at library, education and trade conferences on behalf of publishers. Booth: 2437.


This first-time exhibitor publishes regional magazines and general-trade books. Featured:The Chimera Seed by Matthew Tulley; Searching for Blue Mercury by J.M.E. Flowers; Charlie Doesn't Live Here Anymore by Stephen Paul Campos; Zen and the Art of Being Slim, Rich, and Adored by Diane Sheehan; Mike Minter: Driven by Purpose ... The Power of a Dream by Pamilla S. Tolen. Discounts: 45% plus free freight. Booth: 3065.


This first-time exhibitor educates children throughout the U.S. and Canada about safety issues; books/teacher's guides available in English and French. Featured: Smart Choices for Life Series (book/DVD) by Community Safety Net: Drug Safety; Fire Safety; Personal Safety; Rural Safety. Giveaways: notebooks; bookmarks; pencils. Drawings: for gift basket filled with CSN books and promotional items. Discounts: 20—40% volume allowance plus free freight (U.S./Canada). Booth: 837.


Featured:Good Friends, Great Grilling, Inviting Asian Flavors, The Company's Coming Family Calendar, All Occasion Gifts from Your Kitchen and Most Loved Pies, titles by Jean Paré. Booth: 4176.


Offers inventory control and point-of-sale software systems as well as related hardware and provides system support on 24x7 basis. Featured: [i]merchant and Square One inventory control and point-of-sale software systems. Booth: 4713.


Distributes over 100 international independent publishers. Featured: select titles from client-publishers: Akashic Books; AK Press; Alyson Books; Arsenal Pulp Press; Bellevue Literary Press; Chin Music Press; Cinco Puntos Press; City Lights Publishers; Coffee House Press; Disinformation Co.; Enigma Books; Feminist Press CUNY; Feral House; Five Ties Publishing; Fulcrum Publishing; Gryphon House; Haymarket Books; Holy Cow!; Insomniac Press; Long River Press; Manic D Press; Monkfish Book Publishing; Ocean Press; Paul Dry Books; Process; Redleaf Press; Seven Stories Press; Small Beer Press; Soho Press; Theatre Communications Group; Turtle Point Press; Two Dollar Radio. Discounts: extra 3% and free freight (retail accounts); one order per ship-to; trade- discount items (only). Booths: 4510, 4513.


Featured:Watching What We Eat by Kathleen Collins; The Cultural Dictionary of Punk by Nick Rombes; Norman Corwin's One World Flight, edited by Michael Keith and Mary Ann Watson. Drawings: for iPod; for complete set of 33 1/3 series titles; for iPod to promote Magnum Opus series. Discounts: extra 2%, free freight on backlist. Booth: 4115.


Featured:The Furious Longing of God by Brennan Manning; Jesus by Tim LaHaye; Breathe by Lisa T. Bergren; Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God by Francis Chan; So Beautiful by Leonard Sweet. Giveaways: books: The Furious Longing of God. Booth: 2671.


Featured:Counter Culture by Candacy Taylor; Spartak Moscow by Robert Edelman; On the Irish Waterfront by James Fisher; Merlin by Stephen Knight; A Bird-Finding Guide to Costa Rica by Barrett Lawson. Discounts: 50%, free freight on five or more titles. Booth: 2536.


Featured:Disengagement by Giancarlo Iliprandi. Booth: 3622.


Giveaways: ARCs: Jarrettsville by Cornelia Nixon (Counterpoint); books: Nowhere-Land by A. W. Hill (Counterpoint); Osama Van Halen by Michael Muhammad Knight (Soft Skull Press); Live Nude Elf by Reverend Jen (Soft Skull Press); booklets: How to Be Inappropriate(at the BEA) by Daniel Nester. Discounts: see PGW booth for details. Booth: 4437.


Featured:Volunteer Vacations Across America by Sheryl Kayne; The Complete Civil War Road Trip Guide by Michael Weeks; EatingWell 500 Calorie Dinners by Jessie Price and the editors of EatingWell; The Cheeses of California by Jeanette Hurt; The Best of Relish Cookbook by the editors of Relish Magazine. Booth: 3529.


Singapore-based company offers one-stop pre-press and printing services to publishers worldwide; fully equipped with latest CTP systems, finishing and binding services. Booth: 2652.


This international agency represents academic, STM, textbook and trade publishers in Latin America, Caribbean, Puerto Rico and SE Asia. Featured: company services. Booth: 2965.


This first-time exhibitor provides one of the easiest, fastest and most economical ways to distribute content on-demand to potential customers on and other channels; media formats include books, DVDs, CDs, video downloads and Amazon MP3s. Featured: full range (all media formats) content created by CreateSpace member base (“indie” authors, musicians, filmmakers, publishers, studios and labels and manufactured on-demand). Booth: 2859.


Featured:The House by J. Patrick Lewis, illus. by Roberto Innocenti; Moon Theater by Etienne Delessert; The Riverbank by Charles Darwin, illus. by Fabian Negrin; Tuba Lesson by T. C. Bartlett, illus. by Monique Felix. Giveaways: posters. Discounts: free freight. Booth: 907.


Featured:Home-Grown Vegetables by Jim Wilson; Manage Your Remodel and Save Money by Victoria Likes; Decorating to Go by Adrienne Nappi and Robin Bernard; Paint Saves the Day by Lucianna Samu; Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Projects by the editors of Creative Homeowner. Booths: 3905, 4008.


Publishes supplementary education resources for grades pre-k—8. Booth: 2433.


This sideline company publishes books and produces ancillary products designed to stimulate creativity. Featured: Roger von Oech's X-Ball; Roger von Oech's Ball of Whacks (various colors). Drawings: for “ball of whacks.” Discounts: buy six, get one demo ball “free.” Booth: 322.


Featured from Crossroad:Win the World (Without Losing Your Soul) by Dave Durand; To Raise Happy Kids, Put Your Marriage First by David Code; The Naked Now by Richard Rohr; The Busy Family's Guide to Spirituality by David Robinson; Fasting by Niklaus Brantschen. From Herder & Herder:The Difference God Makes by Francis Cardinal George; The Complete Mystical Works of Meister Eckhart, trans. by Maurice O'Connell Walshe; The Practice of Communicative Theology, edited by Mattias Scharer and Bernd Jochen Hilberath; Grammars of Resurrection by Brian D. Robinette. Discounts: 50% on 25 or more backlist titles. Booth: 2723.


Giveaways: books at in-booth signings: New World Monkeys by Nancy Mauro (Fri., May 29 at 11 a.m.); True Confections by Katharine Weber (Fri., May 29 at 1 p.m.); The Last Best Hope by Joe Scarborough (Sun., May 31 at 10 a.m.). Booths: 4341, 1A07/08.


Offers wide range of book binding formats and styles as well as stationery, calendars, greeting cards, party goods and packaging materials. Booth: 545.


This first-time exhibitor is a trade press and music label that focuses on the visual and performing arts, blending contemporary and ancient traditions. Featured:Tribal Vision by Paulette Rees-Denis. Booth: 2943.


Book manufacturer specializing in short to medium-long runs. Booth: 2752.


Offers a full range of editorial, production and marketing services. Featured from Lost Coast Press:Under the Table Books by Todd Walton; The Last Aloha by Gaellen Quinn; The Girlfriends' Infertility Treatment Companion by Elizabeth Gordon Dellenbaugh; Understanding Each Other After 9/11 by Kirk Heriot, M.D.; I Thought Some More by Michael Lipsey. From Cypress House:Jambo, Mama by Melinda Atwood. From QED Press:Ending Elder Abuse: A Family Guide (2nd Ed.) by Diane Sandell and Lois Hudson. Discounts: standard allowance. Booth: 2943.


Featured:A Rainbow in the Night by Dominique Lapierre; 29 Gifts by Cami Walker; Seven Dirty Words by James Sullivan; How to Love by Gordon Livingston, M.D.; Vegan Brunch by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Booth: 4237.


Featured: new remainder acquisitions plus entire backlist (approx. 2,000 titles). Booth: 5004.


Featured:The Acorn Dossier by William Beecher; Are You Fascinated? by Ken Tucker; Chicken Noodle News by John Baker; Noggle Stones by Wil Radcliffe; Deadline! by Paula Tutman. Giveaways: books during signings. Discounts: 50% (all orders); free freight (10-copy minimum, assorted). Booth: 4531.


Featured:Tip the Mouse; Bibi the Little Princess; The Carrot Family Adventures; Learn English with Ben the Bear Postmanand Woodland Friends (series with plastic figurines); Polly Visits the Farm; Dami Matching Games and Puzzles; A Stranger on the Farm(and Other Stories), illus. by Matt Wolf. Booth: 726.


This first-time exhibitor publishes genre fiction. Featured:The Last Cowboy by Daniel Uebbing. Booth: 5106.


Distributes more than 4,000 titles from over 200 international publishers, museums, galleries and institutions. Featured:Luc Tuymans, essays by Joseph Leo Koerner et al. (SFMOMA/DAP); Joel Meyerowitz, essay by Phillip Lopate (Aperture Foundation); Design Revolution: 100 Products That Empower People by Emily Pilloton (Metropolis Books); Bauhaus 1919—1933, text by Barry Bergdoll and Leah Dickerman (MoMA); Kandinsky, text by Tracey Bashkoff and Christian Derouet (Guggenheim Museum). Discounts: 50%, backlist. Booth: 4215.


Featured:Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8: Time of Your Life by Joss Whedon et al.; Star Wars: Vector, Vol. 1; Blood+: Adagio, Vol. 1 by Kumiko Suekane; Lost Constellations: The Art of Tara McPherson by Tara McPherson; Clover Omnibus by CLAMP. Giveaways: books, posters (select featured titles). Drawings: win various novel packs, travel packs and manga prize packs (select featured titles). Discounts: see Diamond Book Distributors booth for details. Booth: 2759.


This first-time exhibitor publishes nonfiction comic books under its Joyful Stories Press imprint. Featured: The Great Heroes Stories Series (various); The Obama Story by T.S. Lee. Booth: 3240.


Featured:The Group by Rebecca Carswell et al.; The Me You Don't Know by Dee Marrella; The Solomon Portfolio by Robert Katz; Early Poppers by Lew Losoncy and Dennis McClellan; One Minute Service by Bruce Loeffler. Giveaways: autographed books (all titles); photos (The Group); wallet-size cards (The Me You Don't Know); keys to surviving economic times (The Solomon Portfolio); microwave popcorn (Early Poppers); 10-point customer service guide (One Minute Service). Booth: 3240.


Featured:Decide Better! For a Better Life and For Business Success, titles by Michael E. McGarth; Decide Better! For College by Michael E.McGarth with Christopher K. McGarth; Decide Better! For the Perfect Wedding by Michael E. McGarth with Rebecca McGarth; Decide Better! 2010 Decision-A-Day Calendar. Giveaways: calendars. Drawings: enter to win prizes. Booth: 3240.


This first-time exhibitor publishes fiction in the action/thriller genre. Featured:Shadow Ops (Book 1): The Secret Exploits of Priscilla Roletti and Shadow Ops (Book 2): Shadow Chaser by Mike DeClemente. Giveaways: books. Booth: 5113.



This first-time exhibitor is India's largest educational VCD developer;, or Featured video:Nursery Rhymes—Johnny Johnny Yes Papa; Wonders of the World; Famous Personalities of the World; World's Greatest Invention; Grandmother Stories. Booth: 5050.


Featured:You Can Cope with Peripheral Neuropathy by Mims Cushing and Norman Latov, M.D.; Stronger After Stroke by Peter G. Levine; Fighting Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis by Nancy Lowenstein; Mayo Clinic Guide to Living with a Spinal Cord Injury by the Mayo Clinic; Barrier-Free Travel, Third Ed. by Candy Harrington. Booth: 4412.


Featured:Biblia de Jerusalén manual modelo 1 by the Escuela Bíblica de Jerusalén; Liturgia de las horas para América Latina (four vols.); La asertividad: expresion de una sana autoestima by Olga Castanyer; Educar con co-razon by José María Toro; Manual practico del trastorno bipolar by Mónica Ramírez Basco. Booth: 2440.


Featured:A Guide for the Advanced Soul by Susan Hayward; Be Healthy, Stay Balanced by Susan Smith Jones; The Smile That Went Around the World by Patrice Karst. Discounts: 50%, free freight on 25 or more assorted titles. Booths: 3922, 3924.


DBD specializes in graphic novels, manga, sci-fi/fantasy and games from top publishers: Marvel; Dark Horse; Image Comics; IDW Publishing; Paizo Publishing; Udon Entertainment; Hermes Press; Oni Press; Japanime. Booths: 2758, 2759.


This first-time exhibitor is an independent author/translator. Featured:Zalacain the Adventurer by Pio Baroja, trans. by James Diendl. Booth: 2943.


A customer-driven business-to-business company acting in the international mail market. Featured: company services. Booth: 3034.


Featured:The Devil's Kiss by Sarwat Chadda; Peter and the Sword of Mercy by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson; Big Frog Can't Fit In by Mo Willems; Disney's A Christmas Carol (movie tie-in); The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima. Giveaways: table cards (Big Frog Can't Fit In); sticker sheets (Sugar Plum Ballerinas, Elephant & Piggie); bookmarks (The Demon King). Booth: 3359.


Featured from adult trade division:The Book of Love by Laura Berman; The Human Brain Book (book/DVD) by Martyn Page et al.; Prehistoric Life by Darren Naish et al.; The Lego Book and The Halo Encyclopedia, titles by DK Publishing. From children's division:101 American Heroes (Plus a Dozen Or So Villains) by McSweeney's; Open Me Up, edited by Richard Walker; Lego Star Wars, Pixarpedia and The Vampire Book, titles by DK Publishing. From DK Eyewitness Travel:Off the Tourist Trail by Alf Anderson et al.; Bed in a Tree: & Other Amazing Hotels by Bettina Kowalewski; Eyewitness Travel Guide Kenya by Lizzie Williams and Philip Briggs; Top 10 Puerto Rico by Christopher Baker; Eyewitness Travel Guide Caribbean by Christopher Baker et al. From Rough Guides:Clean Breaks by Richard Hammond; The Rough Guide to Manga by Jason Yadao; Earthbound, edited by Kathryn Lane; The Rough Guide to Rio de Janiero by Robert Coates and Oliver Marshall; The Rough Guide to True Crime by Cathy Scott. Giveaways: fall catalogues; DK tote bags; Fairypedia bookmarks. Discounts: see Penguin Group (USA) for details. Booths: 3553, 3641.


Publishes pet-travel information.'s East Coast Dog Travel Guide by Tara Kain and Len Kain. Booth: 2943.



Featured:A Good Death by Gil Courtemanche, trans. by Wayne Grady; Unembedded by Scott Taylor. Giveaways: ARCs: A Good Death. Booths: 4522, 4524.


Featured:Spot the Differences Art Masterpiece Mysteries, Animal Vector Designs, Silhouettes & Stencils Vector Designs, Gods and Demons, titles by Allan Weller; Color Your Own Novel by John Green; Drawing and Cartooning by Tony Tallarico; What to Doodle by Chuck Welton; Color and Cook by Monica Wellington; Chunky Little Activity Books Series: Woodstock Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney; Going for the Gold by Tim Wendel; Even the Browns by William Mead; This Side of Cooperstown by Larry Moffi. Booths: 3905, 4008.


This first-time exhibitor distributes craft- and needlework book and magazine titles and supplies from American School of Needlework, Annie's Attic, Clotilde, House of White Birches and The Needlecraft Shop. Featured:Knit on Down, edited by Jeanne Stauffer; 50 Sensational Crochet Throws and Afghans, edited by Bobby Matela; Quill It Easy, edited by Tanya Fox; Designer Denim, edited by Julie Johnson; Quilting for Baby, edited by Jeanne Stauffer and Sandra L. Hatch. Booth: 2943.


Featured:The Book Shopper by Murray Browne; The Six-Cornered Snowflake by Johannes Kepler; Bombay Smiles by Jaume Sanllorente; Fat Wednesday by John Verdi. Booth: 4517.


Featured:A Bit of a Scandal by Mary Rose Callaghan; Criminal Tendencies, edited by Lynne Patrick; The Beautiful Sound of Silence by Paul Charles; Briggflatts by Basil Bunting; A Scarcity of Love by Anna Kavan. Discounts: extra 2% plus free freight (U.S. retailers). Booth: 4467.


Featured:Bathers by Jennette Williams; The Gloria Anzaldua Reader by Gloria Anzaldua; Hold onto Your Dreams by Tim Lawrence; The Search for the Codex Cardona by Arnold J. Bauer; Liquidated by Karen Ho. Giveaways: galleys, tchotchkes. Discounts: 48% on 10 or more backlist books (one order; retailers only). Booth: 3134.


This first-time exhibitor publishes adult and children's fiction and nonfiction. Featured:Now You Know Big Book Sports and Now You Know Football, titles by Doug Lennox; I Saw It Too! by Chris Rutkowski; Ghosts by Richard Palmisano; A Sherlock Holmes Handbook, 2nd Ed. by Christopher Redmond. Booth: 3240.

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