Opening Keynote: Maria Pallante, Register of Copyrights, U.S. Copyright Office, Library of Congress
The role of the U.S. Copyright Office in the digital space and the influence of the Executive Branch and Congress in policies surrounding content distribution and access.

Panel: Content Industries in Digital Transformation
The leaders of the principal US content industry associations come together publicly for the first post-SOPA to discuss legislation and enforcement efforts to address foreign rogue websites and ISPs.

Panelists: Tom Allen, President and CEO, Association of American Publishers; Fritz Attaway, Executive Vice President and Special Policy Advisor, Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA); Robert Holleyman, President and CEO, Business Software Alliance (BSA); Cary Sherman, Chairman and CEO, Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)

Panel: Redefining the Dialogue between Libraries and Publishers
Leaders in the library community talk about how the traditional library/publisher relationships are evolving with the changes in content and distribution.

Panelists: Molly Raphael, President, American Library Association; Jim Neal, Vice President, Information Services and University Librarian, Columbia University; Dr. Anthony Marx, President and CEO, New York Public Library

Closing Address: Malcolm Gladwell
The award-winning author talks about the future of publishing and the importance of editors in a world of information overload.