Larry B. May, president and founder of the GABBS network, announced today that he has sold GABBS Boston, the bargain book show he founded three years ago, to Advisor Communications in Framingham, Mass.

Under the new arrangement, Bill Sell, managing partner of Advisor Communications, which works with May on both the Boston and Atlanta bargain book shows, will oversee GABBS Boston. Two Massachusetts bargain book distributors—World Publications Group in East Bridgewater and Book Enterprises in Fall River—have signed on to be major sponsors for the 2013 show. Sell will also partner with the New England Independent Booksellers Association again this year to produce workshops on buying remainders.

The Boston show, which has taken place at the Hynes Auditorium for the past three years, will move to the Cyclorama Boston, part of the Boston Center for the Arts. In addition to changing the venue, Sell plans to hold the show a week later than in the past, August 14 and 15.

The name of the show will also change to the Boston Remainder & Overstock Show to reflect a broader range of inventory. “Last year it was 90% books. I’d like to get that to 75% books and 25% overstock,” Sell told PW Daily.

By having a management team based in Massachusetts, May believes that the show can better address the needs of bargain book distributors and book buyers in the Northeast. “We’ve enjoyed working with the companies in Boston and will continue to support the event in the future as both an exhibitor and marketing partner,” he said.