BookExpo America is renaming and refocusing its day dedicated to the general public. Consumer Day, which launched in 2013, will now be called BookCon, and it will take place on Saturday, May 31. Like its predecessor, BookCon will be a day of events tailored to consumers, featuring author talks, book giveaways and and autograph signings. The change, BEA said, is because of the growing importance of the consumer-focused element of the trade show.

Elaborating on the shift, BEA said that its "research, industry trends, and direct feedback" has shown that the consumer aspect of the show is "critical to driving our core values which are launching and discovering new titles and authors."

While the other elements of the show will not change--including the three days preceeding BookCon, which remain focused on events for booksellers, the media and industry professionals--a dedicated area of the show floor, Hall 3E in the Javits Center, will be devoted to BookCon. Trade show attendees will have full access to the BookCon floor with their badge, and BookCon events will take place in both meeting rooms at the Javits, and in the Special Events Hall.

Additionally, exhibitors will have the option to keep their booth, or move it entirely to the BookCon hall. Exhibitors will also now be able to buy a "satellite booth" in the BookCon hall for the 31st, with a 10x10 area costing $1,000.

Consumer Day at BEA has had limited success--it drew about 2,000 consumers in 2013--but ReedExpo, parent company of BEA, operates other shows, such as New York ComicCon, that draw consumers in large numbers. ReedExpo is hoping that by re-branding and tweaking its consumer-focused element of BEA, it can put a new face on what has long been a trade-only show.