The Association of American Publishers has announced that its annual meeting will be held on March 19 in New York City, and will focus on “The Next Chapter in Protecting IP: Policy, Disruption, Innovation and Sustainability.”

Headline speakers for the event include New York Congressman Jerry Nadler, digital research analyst James McQuivey, and author Jaron Lanier.

“Jaron Lanier, James McQuivey and Congressman Nadler are all at the forefront of the national discussion around content creators and digital networks,” said Tom Allen, president and CEO, AAP. “Each is recognized as an original voice and a catalyst for change. This is a particularly compelling line-up of speakers at a time when Congress is taking a fresh look at our copyright laws, when publishers’ innovations are key drivers for the economy and jobs and when our society is thoughtfully reevaluating its assumptions about ‘free’ and the Internet.”

The keynote speaker for the event is still to be announced. Click here for more information.