Winter Institute offers many ways for booksellers to interact with authors, with dozens participating in Tuesday evening’s author reception and Wednesday’s closing event with writers from small presses and university presses.

Four writers have been singled out this year to share their interests and concerns with booksellers over the course of the conference as keynote speakers, beginning with PBS/BBC host and author Steven Johnson, who will speak about the subject of his book and TV series, How We Got to Now. At Monday’s breakfast, he will deliver a keynote address about why he’s bullish about the future of the book.

Monday afternoon, bestselling author John Green (The Fault in Our Stars) returns to Winter Institute—he last appeared there on a panel about using social media to build community at WI 7. This time he will talk about the 10th anniversary of the publication of his first novel, Looking for Alaska, which coincides with Winter Institute’s 10th anniversary.

On Tuesday morning, Sarah Lewis will discuss creativity and learning from failure.

At Wednesday’s breakfast Nazar Nafisi, who is best known for Reading Lolita in Tehran, will discuss building community and the role of bookstores in bringing literature to everybody.

ABA Winter Institute 2015: How We Got Here: Steven Johnson

ABA Winter Institute 2015: On We Go with John Green

ABA Winter Institute 2015: A Master Class with Sarah Lewis

ABA Winter Institute 2015: Building a Reading Community with Azar Nafisi

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