The U.S. publishing mission to Cuba is now set for Feb. 12-17. Forty high level American publishing executives from publishing, distribution and literary agencies will travel to Cuba for five days of programming, cultural events and interaction with approximately 50 Cuban publishers, distributors and agents.

Among the activities planned are programs featuring a panel of Cuban publishing professionals and several U.S. panels scheduled during the Havana Book Fair, which runs February 11-21. The publishing mission will also Include an exhibit of about 500 books to be displayed at the fair.

Cuba's Book Institute (part of the Ministry of Cutlure) has scheduled a press conference for December 12 and will be streamed due to the high interest and importance of the U.S. mission. Recently, five additional spots to the mission have opened up. Interested people should contact Cevin Bryerman at

The publishing mission is organized by Publishers Weekly, Combined Book Exhibit and Pubmatch.