A delegation of American publishers traveled to Cuba for the 2016 Havana Book Fair and to participate in the first ever U.S. Publishing Mission to Cuba, organized by Publishers Weekly and Combined Book Exhibit.

PW was there, covering the book fair as well as the two-day program of panels and professional education for publishers looking to get into the Cuban market.

Havana Book Fair Opens with First Contingent of American Publishers
The 25th annual Havana Book Fair, held February 11-21 at the San Carlos de La Cabana Fortress, opened with a new feature this year: The American Books Exposition. A display of books published by nearly 40 American houses, the collection marked the first time U.S. publishers have exhibited at the show.

Realities of Cuban Publishing Market Laid Bare
One of the goals of the U.S./Cuba Publishing Mission was to facilitate discussion about the cultural ties between U.S. and Cuban publishers. Although the U.S. trade embargo with Cuba has cast a long shadow--commercial trade between U.S. firms and Cuban ones remains illegal--publishers remain optimistic about generating new opportunities.

Historic Pact Marks New Era in Cuban Publishing
During a ceremony marking the first official visit of American publishers to the 25-year-old Havana Book Fair, representatives of Publishers Weekly and Combined Book Exhibit signed a memorandum of understanding with the Cuban Book Institute. The pact sees to it that the parties continue to promote "cooperation and understanding" between the U.S. and Cuban publishing industries.

U.S., Cuban Publishing Executives Vow Closer Cooperation
The first U.S. publishing mission to Cuba in decades is seen as a first step in normalizing publishing relations between the two countries.

Havana Book Fair 2016 in Photos
The fair in photos, from huge crowds of book-buyers to American publishers out on the town in Havana.