PW was on the ground in Seattle at the first in-person Winter Institute the American Booksellers Association has held since 2020. Here's all our coverage of the show, including our annual preview.

Wi2023: This Year's Winter Institute Had Something for Everyone
Winter Institute 2023, held in Seattle, was the American Booksellers Association's largest ever, and the first in person since 2020.

Wi2023: Booksellers Respond to Book Challenges and Bans
On the closing day of the ABA's Winter Institute 2023, a keynote and idea exchange tackled book banning and other threats to the freedom to read. Stories of outrage were easy to come by, but solutions were in shorter supply. more...

Wi2023: ABA’s Winter Institute Has a Big Turnout
The American Booksellers Association's Winter Institute in Seattle attracted a total of 1,600 people, of which 900 were booksellers. The large number of new booksellers drew an enthusiastic response from exhibitors, while the ABA urged booksellers to contribute more data to help it in its advocacy.

Wi2023: Moving Past DEI Checklists to Meaningful Change
At a breakfast keynote, Loyalty Bookstores founder Hannah Oliver Depp engaged in a riveting conversation with Michelle MiJung Kim, author of The Wake Up: Closing the Gap Between Good Intentions and Real Change.

Wi2023: Booksellers Discuss Wellness, DEIA, Sustainability
Booksellers at Winter Institute tackled a variety of topics, ranging from the need for better mental health care to strategies for curation. The waste associated with stockpiling dozens of print galleys also drew attention to the need for more sustainability programs in the industry.

Wi2023: Only Legislation Can Curtail Amazon's Power
Cory Doctorow, author of the new book Chokepoint Capitalism, and Stacy Mitchell, co-executive director of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, discussed the ways in which Amazon and other digital platforms exploit the creative industries, and identified state and national legislators as the ones in a position to force changes.

Wi2023: Seattle Means Long-Awaited Reunions and New Acquaintances
The American Booksellers Association's Winter Institute conference convened this year in Seattle, the first such event since 2020. Four days of events began with city-wide bookstore tours, a meeting of independent publishers, and networking receptions.

Wi2023: Indie Booksellers Reunite at Winter Institute 18The American Booksellers Association is bringing its annual Winter Institute to Seattle this February, returning to an in-person gathering after two years of virtual shows.

Wi2023: Adult Authors to Meet
Scores of novelists and nonfiction writers are among the 130 authors writing in almost every genre known to booksellers who are appearing at WI18.

Wi2023: Colson Whitehead Revisits 1980s New York City
The Pulitzer Prize–winning novelist Colson Whitehead resurrects 1980s New York City in the second volume in his trilogy about a small-time criminal.

Wi2023: Gail Tsukiyama Goes to Hollywood
Novelist Gail Tsukiyama shines a spotlight on the life of Anna Mae Wong, one of the first Asian American actors to achieve success in 1920s-era Hollywood.

Wi2023: Children’s Authors & Illustrators to Meet
Scores of children's authors and illustrators are attending WI18, promoting books ranging from picture books to MG and YA reads to graphic novels.

Wi2023: Nicole Chung Reckons with the Here and Now
Nicole Chung discusses the impact of the pandemic upon the writing process, and how it shaped a memoir about her relationship with her terminally ill mother.

Wi2023: Jarrett J. Krosoczka Sheds New Light on His First Memoir
Jarrett J. Krosoczka, the author of Hey, Kiddo, explains how a 100-page chapter in an early draft of that graphic memoir led to the writing of a second graphic memoir, Sunshine.

Wi2023: ABA CEO Allison Hill Welcomes the Book World to Seattle
ABA CEO Allison Hill shares with PW her excitement over the first in-person Winter Institute over which she is presiding and what booksellers can expect.

Wi2023: ABA Education Director Kim Hooyboer Pulls Back the Curtain
ABA education director Kim Hooyboer brings PW behind the scenes in Winter Institute planning, including the organization's commitment to DEI initiatives.

Wi2023: Activist Michelle MiJung Kim Sounds an Alarm Against Complacency
The social justice activist Michelle MiJung Kim argues that people must walk their talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to effect real change that will last.

Wi2023: Songsmith Ani DiFranco Composes a Picture Book
Ani DiFranco says that she had to "get her Pablo Neruda on" and switch mental gears to move from writing songs to crafting a children's picture book.

Wi2023: Independent Publishers Will Soon Swarm Seattle
Members of the Independent Publishers Caucus, an indie press trade association, will gather in Seattle later this month for the American Booksellers Association’s first in-person Winter Institute since 2020.

Wi2023: A Tour of Seattle Bookstores
This year's American Booksellers will open on February 20 in Seattle with a range of bookstore tours introducing booksellers to an assortment of the city’s independent shops.