Publishers Weekly will hold Artificial Intelligence: Revolution and Opportunity in Trade Publishing, a half-day online program, the afternoon of September 27. Keynotes and panels will focus on the following topics:

  • AI and Editorial: The impact on writers and editors, within or without a single-source publishing workflow
  • AI and Marketing: Will AI make publishers more effective marketers, particularly online?
  • AI and Production: Using AI for design, production, e-book creation, single-source publishing, etc.
  • Legal Concerns Surrounding AI and Publishing: An overview of the most important issues concerning authorship, copyright, and contracts
  • A Vision of the Future of AI and Trade Book Publishing

The program will be hosted by Thad McIlroy, digital publishing analyst and PW contributor, and Peter Brantley, director of online strategy for the University of California Davis Library and founder of the Books in Browsers conference.

More details will be announced next week, but in the meantime, the registration page is now opened.