Becoming a full-service provider—and not just an app-producing company—for the publishing industry is the goal at Klopotek. The company has made three major moves to improve its ability to meet customers’ needs: first, it focuses on advising publishers about proven methodologies to optimize workflows. Second, it has introduced services such as the hosting solutions Klopotek Private Cloud and Klopotek Public Cloud. Third, last month a majority stake in the company was sold to Valsoft.


“Having a global view of the publishing industry and related value chain creation, and a clear focus on bridging regional markets and industries, are essential requirements in providing futureproof solutions to publishing houses and media companies of all sizes,” says Nella Klopotek von Glowczewski, who in her new role as chief customer officer will be working closely with the customer service, key account, and service delivery management divisions. “With their global perspective and long-term strategies, Valsoft is an investor, and now our trusted partner, who shares our commitment and views.”

Challenges such as the growing pressure on the entire supply chain, the rising interdependence of different market segments, and the need for increased sustainability can only be successfully addressed in an international and global way, adds Klopotek von Glowczewski. “We are taking this partnership with Valsoft as an opportunity to further strengthen our customer-centric approach to doing business with publishers. Sharing business understanding with our customers, ensuring their business success, and establishing excellent relationships will be even more at the heart of what Klopotek does.”

Focusing on customers from various publishing sectors, including trade, scientific, academic, legal and taxation, for instance, has always been a key strategy at Klopotek, which celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. “We establish standards, share knowledge, and make the experiences and best practices gained in numerous projects available to all customers,” adds Klopotek von Glowczewski. “Our customers face challenges on multiple fronts due to digitization, including an increasingly fragmented audience, diversified distribution channels, and decreasing revenues from traditional channels on top of the constant pressures to reduce costs while striving to attain sustainability. At Klopotek, we are focused on going the extra mile to tailor our services in an optimal way to support our customers in facing these challenges.”

Meanwhile, technology development at Klopotek is accelerating, especially in providing a full and holistic title management, editorial, and production (TEP) solution with web apps on the Klopotek Stream platform. Calculation Manager, for instance, addresses both editorial and production needs to plan more strategically and cost-effectively amid growing inflationary and supply chain pressures, as well as the need to be more environmentally sustainable. Determining the best paper sizes while reducing waste, comparing offerings from different vendors, and modifying product specifications at a detailed level are some of the tasks that Calculation Manager offers.

Then there is Work Component Manager, which is especially relevant for journal, scientific and educational publishers. For each component of a print or digital publication—chapters, audio and video files, contributions from different authors or editors—it manages the contract, adds relevant metadata, and makes it ready for regular or open access publication.

“Process costs are rising while business operations must become more sustainable,” says managing director Wolf-Michael Mehl. “At Klopotek, we focus on automating and standardizing key elements of publishing workflows so that costs can be reduced. Additionally, the processes become more environmentally friendly, as less energy and resources are required. All industry partners, including small publishers, will benefit.”

Mehl’s advice to publishers is that they switch to intelligent cloud technology, which will significantly reduce infrastructure costs by obviating the need for hardware on-site. Adds Mehl: “Energy consumption will come down since using the shared environment can be spread across time zones. The modern tools in the Klopotek cloud environment can also assist in making better and more sustainable business decisions. These tools basically report on your success in becoming better, in ways big and small.”

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