The following is a list detailing industry members' canceled or changed plans for the London Book Fair. If you would like to add information to this list about your status, please contact Jim Milliot at

Libby McGuire, senior v-p and publisher of Ballantine, Bantam Dell; Kate Miciak, v-p and editorial director, Bantam; Rachel Kind, director, foreign rights, Random House Publishing Group; Joelle Dieu, associate director, foreign rights, Random House Publishing Group; and Denise A. Cronin, v-p and director, subsidiary rights, Random House Publishing Group all did not get to LBF.

OverDrive lost out on 50 meetings and e-book presentations because of flight cancelleations, but there is information at its booth, X540.

Publishers Weekly editorial and sales staff will not be at LBF.

Daria Pridatkina, rights executive with Moscow's Eksmo Publishing House, did not make the trip.

John Hopkins University Press
rights manager Kelly Rogers will be unable to make it to LBF, but the press's books will be on display at the AAUP booth.

Tusquets Editores, an independent Spanish publishing house, is no longer attending the fair. Alejandra Segrelles, foreign rights sales; Carmen Corral, foreign rights acquisitions; and Juan Cerezo, editor, will not be in London.

Book Depot, booth #Q305, is open for business from Monday morning to close on Wednesday. Dave Wiggins, sales manager at Book Depot, may not be able to attend the fair, but Wilf Wikkerink, Book Depot's CEO, is in London and will be manning the booth. Also, TB Clarke, at booth #Q305 as well, is open for business from Monday morning to close on Wednesday. Please ask for Lenora at the booth for an appointment.

Pegasus Books
will not be attending the fair.

Michael Martens, v-p of business development for Dark Horse Comics, had his flight due in Sunday morning canceled.

Quirk Books is not attending the fair, but its books will be displayed in Publishers Group UK booth.

The Midpoint Trade Books contingent of Erin Smith, marketing and publicity manager; Alex Kampmann, sales manager; Eric Kampmann, president will not be in attendance, nor will Beaufort Books' Margot Atwell, associate publisher.

Christopher May, president of Dufour Editions, has canceled his LBF plans.

Meryl Earl and Collen Martin of Kensington Publishing rights department have canceled their trip.

Corinna Harmon of Hyperion will not be able to make it to LBF.

Representatives from Eldorado Ink have canceled their plans.

Kent Wolf of Global Literary Management won't be in London because of flght cancellations.

Marika Hemmel, editor wtih Danish publisher Lindhardt, will not be able to get to London.

Due to flight cancellations, Mark Batty Publisher will not attend LBF this year; its books are displayed on the Thames & Hudson stand.

Dr. Jan Yager, author and foreign rights representative, as well as director of rights for the independent publishing company Hannacroix Creek Books Inc., canceled 49 appointments because of flight cancellations. She can be contacted at:

No one from becker&mayer! was able to attend LBF, and its stand U325 is empty. To follow-up on missed appointments, please contact Amy Levenson at