Country Spotlight: Singapore: Literary Publishing

Singapore literature, or Sing lit as it is known locally, is getting hot—and it is not because of the island’s tropical climate.

Country Spotlight: Singapore: Events to Watch

The Asian Festival of Children’s Content, managed by the National Book Development Council of Singapore, explores the entire spectrum of children’s content, from creation to distribution to consumption.

Country Spotlight: Singapore: Educational and STM Publishing

By and large, Singapore’s education system, which is among the most highly regarded in the world, is a boon to its publishing industry. No subject is more popular, or more competitive, than mathematics.

Country Spotlight: Singapore: Copyright Update

The last major updates to the Singapore Copyright Act were in 2004, before the era of tablets, e-readers, and smartphones.

Country Spotlight: Singapore: Top 12 Writers and Titles to Watch

From literary fiction to middle-grade series, Singapore’s new literary voices are getting louder, and their works finding new homes far away from the tropical city-state.