Fred Vargas held the #1 slot on France’s fiction bestseller list in late May with When the Recluse Comes Out, the latest in his series of mysteries starring Parisian police commissioner Adamsberg. English-language translations are published in the U.S. by Penguin. The French translation of German author Peter Wohlleben’s The Hidden Life of Trees topped the nonfiction list. Trees has been a bestseller in North America, where it is published by Canada’s Greystone Books.

Germany’s fiction list was led by Norwegian author Maja Lunde. Her multigenerational speculative novel, The History of Bees, will be published in August in the U.S. by Simon & Schuster’s Touchstone imprint. In the second position was perennial German favorite Donna Leon with her most recent Commissario Brunetti mystery, Earthly Remains. Healing with the Power of Nature by Andreas Michalsen was the bestselling nonfiction title for the second month in a row.

In Sweden, Camila Läckberg’s The Witch, the 10th book in her popular Fjällbacka series, was the country’s bestselling fiction title in May. Next on the fiction list was The Engaged Country by Mari Jugstedt, the second in a series set in the Canary Islands. The book follows a man who wakes to find his wife murdered beside him. The first in the series, A Darker Sky, was cowritten with Ruben Eliassen and published in an English translation by Amazon Crossing.—Ed Nawotka


Fiction Nonfiction
1 Quand sort la recluse
When the Recluse Comes Out
Fred Vargas
La vie secrète des arbres
The Hidden Life of Trees
Peter Wohlleben
Les Arènes
2 Un appartement à Paris
An Apartment in Paris
Guillaume Musso
Lettre ouverte aux animaux
An Open Letter to Animals
Frédéric Lenoir
3 Vernon Subutex (Vol. 3)
Virginie Despentes
Grasset et Fasquelle
Une très légère oscillation
A Very Slight Oscillation
Sylvain Tesson
Éditions des Équateurs

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Fiction Nonfiction
1 Die geschichte der bienen
The History of Bees
Maja Lunde
Heilen mit der kraft der natur
Healing with the Power of Nature
Andreas Michalsen
2 Stille wasser
Earthly Remains
Donna Leon
Das geheime leben der bäume
The Hidden Life of Trees
Peter Wohlleben
3 Selfies
The Scarred Woman
Jussi Adler-Olsen
Homo Deus
Yuval Noah Harari
C.H. Beck

For the week ended May 28; used by arrangement with Buchreport


Fiction Nonfiction
1 Häxan
The Witch
Camilla Läckberg
Bokförlaget Forum
F in Exams
Richard Benson
Tukan Förlag
2 Det förlovade landet
The Engaged Country
Mari Jungstedt
Albert Bonniers Förlag
Omgiven av idioter
Surrounded by Idiots
Thomas Erikson
Hoi Förlag
3 Ditt liv och mitt
Your Life and Mine
Majgull Axelsson
Brombergs Bokförlag
Food Pharmacy
Mai Clase & Lina Nertby Aurell
Bonnier Fakta

For the week ended May 17; used by arrangement with Svensk Bokhandel