Elena Ferrante’s The Story of the Lost Child landed in the top spot in France at the end of January and was in second place on Germany’s bestseller list last month. The novel was published in the U.S. in fall 2015 by Europa Editions.

At the end of last month, Still Me by JoJo Moyes was in first place in Germany; the novel has been at the top of PW’s charts as well since its release in early January. Bernhard Schlink’s newest novel, Olga, was in third place on the bestseller list. Schlink had a huge hit in the U.S. in 1995 with The Reader, and his most recent book released in America was The Woman on the Stairs, which Pantheon published last March.

Back in France, two new books followed Lost Child on the fiction list. In second place was Prix Goncourt–winner Pierre Lemaitre with his latest, The Colors of Fire. In the third spot was And Me, I Still Live by Jean d’ Ormesson, the highly respected French novelist of more than 40 books and member of the Académie Française, who died in December.

Two nonfiction titles led the combined bestseller list in the Netherlands in January: Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury and A Retrospective of 2017 by Han van Bree. Dan Brown’s Origin was in fifth place. (Origin was also #2 in Spain, #3 in Sweden in fiction, and #4 on Italy’s combined list.)


Fiction Nonfiction
1 L’amie prodigieuse vol. 4, L’enfant perdue (The Story of the Lost Child)
Elena Ferrante
Les intouchables d’Etat (The Untouchables of the State)
Vincent Jauvert
2 Couleurs de l’incendie (The Colors of Fire)
Pierre Lemaitre
Albin Michel
Le miracle Spinoza (The Miracle Spinoza)
Frédéric Lenoir
3 Et moi je vis toujours (And Me, I Still Live)
Jean d’ Ormesson
L’amour après (Love After)
Marceline Loridan-Ivens
Grasset et Fasquelle

For the week ended Jan. 28, 2018; used by arrangement with GFK/Livres Hebdo


Fiction Nonfiction
1 Mein Herz in zwei Welten (Still Me)
Jojo Moyes
Ein Leben ist zu wenig (One Life Is Too Little)
Gregor Gysi
2 Die Geschichte des verlorenen Kindes (The Story of the Lost Child)
Elena Ferrante
Über den Anstand in schwierigen Zeiten (On Decency in Difficult Times)
Hacke Kunstmann
3 Olga (Olga)
Bernhard Schlink
Hilde (Hilde)
Ildikó von Kürthy

For the week ended Feb. 4, 2018; used by arrangement with Buchreport


Fiction & Nonfiction Combined
1 Vuur en woede (Fire and Fury)
Michael Wolff
4 Sterrenstof (Stardust)
Daphne Deckers
Stichting CPNB
2 Het aanzien van 2017 (A Retrospective of 2017)
Han van Bree Spectrum
5 Oorsprong (Origin)
Dan Brown
3 De acht bergen (The Eight Mountains)
Paolo Cognetti
De Bezige Bij
6 De tijger slaapt (Don’t Wake Up the Tiger)
Britta Teckentrup

For the week ended Jan. 28, 2018; used by arrangement with CPNB